Why You Should Replace Lost Teeth

Baby and wisdom teeth in garbage can. Removal of teeth in children and adults, concept.While it is never ideal to experience tooth loss, it can occur in adults if proper measures are not taken to preserve your oral health. In fact, loss can be the result of physical factors such as a dislodged oral structure, or even due to the spreading of disease such as decay or periodontitis. Regardless of the circumstance, it is imperative that once a structure has been extracted or lost, it is replaced so as to prevent further complications. At Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, we provide personalized dental care to the whole family, which is why we want our patients to know why it is important to replace a lost tooth.

Preventing Further Loss

When you develop your adult teeth, your dentist informs you to pay mind to them and care for them regularly, as they are permanent. There are a few circumstances, however, that can get in the way of your life-long smile. Situations involving physical accidents or even poor hygiene and failure to attend regular examinations and cleanings can result in tooth loss, and once a structure is no longer present, a variety of concerns present themselves.

When you lose teeth due to decay, oral bacteria spreads and infects an oral structure, causing severe deterioration and loss if left unmanaged. When this occurs and the structure is beyond saving, your dentist may perform an extraction to remove it and prevent further harm to surrounding teeth. Your problem does not stop there, however, as harmful bacteria nests in the hard-to-reach parts of our mouths, especially near the gum line, and can continue to spread and affect surrounding teeth and gums. Because of this, replacing a lost structure can actually enhance your health by preventing bacteria from further infection.

Improved Function

When a gap forms in the smile due to a missing structure, it can have negative effects on your bite’s function. Teeth are composed of the crown and a root, which is embedded into the jaw underneath the gums. When a tooth is missing, your bite has to accommodate for the section that can no longer withstand the bite pressure, and thus creates unevenness. This will ultimately lead to difficulty chewing, enunciating, and more if left untreated. By replacing the missing teeth with a porcelain dental bridge, however, you will be able to restore your grin’s natural function and regain a beautiful, life-like smile.

The Benefits of a Full Smile and How We Can Help

While it may seem like a simple extraction will put an end to your tooth decay issue, it is necessary to restore your smile with a bridge or other restoration to minimize any risk of further infection. Contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI today by calling (248) 693-6213.