Don’t Lose Your Benefits Before You Use Them!

December 3, 2020

Can you believe we’re already in the month of December? While we know few of you will be sad to see 2020 end, we also want to remind those with dental insurance that your benefits will expire at the end of December. Instead of letting them lapse without use, why not talk to your Lake Orion, MI, dentist today?

Your Insurance Coverage and Health Savings Funds

If you have dental insurance, then you have benefits that will expire at midnight on December 31st unless used. You could then be caught in a waiting period before your 2021 benefits are ready to use. If you have toothaches or other dental concerns, then we suggest letting us know now. Our team can work with you to help you understand your coverage options and what costs will be covered, so we can plan a course of treatment that fits within not only your holiday schedule, but your budget as well. If you don’t have insurance beverage but instead have a health savings account, again you have funds that will vanish unless used. Remember to let us know soon, so we can see you before the holiday season becomes hectic.

The Checkup and Cleaning Process

The checkup and cleaning will be a chance to take a close look at the current state of your smile. With the checkup in particular, we use digital technology to gain a detailed picture of your teeth, gums, jaw, and oral structures, so we can identify possible areas of concern and address them before they impact the health and function of your smile. We will also clean your teeth, a process that enables our team to remove all plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) from your teeth with an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool. This process helps lower the risks of tooth decay and gum disease, and also fights bad breath and teeth stains too.

Crafting a Treatment Plan

Often, treatment can be administered in a single day. For example, fillings and dental bonding can repair cavities and damage in as little as one sitting. We have advanced technology to also design and place custom-made crowns in a single visit as well. We can make sure you greet 2021 with a healthier, stronger, and more attractive smile. If you have any questions about our using your dental insurance benefits, or about our treatment options, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Improving Smile Health?

Our team wants to help you start a new year with a healthier and noticeably brighter smile. To learn more about improving the function and beauty of your smile, then contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI today by calling (248) 693-6213.


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