Preventing Decay With A Filling

Tooth restoration with filling and polymerization lamp. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration.Caused by harmful oral bacteria, tooth decay is arguably the biggest and most common threat to your oral health. It can cause a tooth to weaken, infect the internal tissues, and even cause them to become compromised beyond the point of return, resulting in the need for an extraction. Making sure to take preventive steps such as flossing or utilizing fluoride treatments can help boost the strength of your teeth, however, when problems arise you should act with efficiency. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist will shed some light on how you can prevent tooth loss by acting in an efficient matter and seek a filling to prevent the spread of decay.

The Threat of Bacteria

Oral bacteria are usually at the heart of many major dental concerns. From gum disease to infected roots and even to loss, bacteria can cause a world of damage if they are not properly managed and removed. When permitted to thrive, they can secrete harmful oral bacteria that cause the healthy structure of your teeth to weaken and break down, creating a cavity. Fortunately, your luck does not run out there, however, as our team can provide a dental filling restoration to properly reinforce your tooth.

When Decay Progresses

Indeed, in its earliest from, decay can present itself as a small weakened portion of a tooth that forms into a tiny hole known as a cavity. Cavities can often be treated very easily with a simple filling procedure, but waiting too long can render this treatment option useless. You see, as decay progresses, a cavity will continue to get larger and larger until it begins to infect the internal tissues of your teeth. From here, you will need a more-extensive treatment known as a root canal to remove it. If it progresses past this point you are most likely to lose a structure, which is why it is better to act sooner rather than later when it comes to your oral health, and filling a cavity is the first stride you should take.

Reinforcing Your Tooth

When you come in for your cavity filling, your dentist will first make sure to clean the affected area thoroughly and ensure that all traces of decayed material and bacteria are removed before placing your filling. Next, we will fill the open area with a tooth-colored dental composite resin and shape it to mimic the natural texture, then harden the resin to set and voila! You now have a restored smile. What’s more, the material will reinforce your teeth and give it some added strength. For more information about the process, contact our office.

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