Steps You Can Take To Prevent Gum Disease

3d render of teeth in bleeding gums over white background. Periodontal disease concept.Believe it or not, oral bacteria are the root of many dental concerns out there. From cavities caused by decay to tooth loss and even gum disease, untreated oral bacteria can wreak havoc on your smile, causing much bigger problems down the line. In fact, it is bacteria latching on to the roots of your teeth that lead to periodontal disease, and without proper treatment, you can kiss that perfect smile goodbye. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist will take a look at the number of things you can do to prevent the onset of periodontitis and how you can preserve your healthy smile.

The Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease is pretty much the most common dental concern out there, affecting roughly 3 million American adults every single year. The reason it is so common is simply because many individuals are uncertain when to act on the problem and when to go to their dentist for help. It consists of harmful bacteria that have made their way beneath the gum line and attached themselves to the roots of your teeth. Here, they can thrive mostly sheltered from harm and cause plaque and tartar to develop. Without treatment, negative effects can include the development of gum disease, which can include bleeding or inflamed gums, separation between teeth and the tissues that house them, and even multiple structures falling out.

Always Remember to Floss

It goes without saying that your dentist often reminds you to brush and floss, but it the latter of the requirement really that necessary? In short, yes! You see, brushing helps to remove the bacteria on the surfaces of teeth, but often is not useful to reach the stuck food particles between structures. Once these remain, the microorganism become attracted to your gums as they feed off of the particles, essentially expediting the process. Flossing helps to remove these items after eating, thus preventing chances of infection.

Additional Treatment You Can Seek

If your dentist feels as though plaque and tartar buildup below the surface must be addressed, he may recommend the benefits of a periodontal cleaning treatment. This procedure involves cleaning beneath the surface of your tissues by thoroughly scaling, or removing, the deposits of plaque. Following this, your dentist will polish and smooth the surfaces of the roots to prevent microorganisms from easily reattaching in the future. Periodontal cleaning will require more than one visit to complete, however, can prevent the chances of developing complications down the line.

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