Addressing Cosmetic Damage With Bonding

Young woman before and after procedure of gingival plasty on white background, closeupIt goes without saying that the list of factors that negatively impact our oral health feels never-ending at times. Indeed, from common concerns such as gum disease and decay to less-common situations involving sleep apnea or bruxism, attempting to keep up with your smile can seem like a daunting task. In some situations, however, functional health may be fine, but your biggest concern involves a noticeable chip or crack that significantly impacts your confidence level and love for your grin. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist takes a look at cosmetic concerns that can benefit from the use of bonding and contouring treatment.

Nothing More Than Surface-Level

Whether you are aware of it or not, your oral health is affected by a variety of factors. What’s more, it can be impacted in different ways as well, such as functionally, structurally, and even cosmetically. In fact, many people associate a vibrant smile with high levels of confidence, as it is often the first asset one notices about a person. That being said, surface-level damage can cause significant complications.

You see, surface-level concerns can cause one to feel ashamed or even embarrassed of their own smile. Blemishes such as chips can cause your entire appearance to look misaligned or uneven, whereas a crack can draw much-unwanted attention to flaws. In order to best address this, our team may recommend the use of cosmetic dental treatment such as bonding and contouring.

Drawing Unnecessary Attention

Many individuals seek beautiful teeth to complete their appearance but fear the level of involvement required to accomplish this feat. Fortunately, dental bonding and contouring is actually a conservative treatment in nature, addressing surface-level concerns without the need for extensive structural change.

The process involves applying a composite resin material to the affected area and shaping it until it is how you want it to appear. With chips, for example, the material is applied to the surface and shaped to make your tooth appear complete and symmetrical again. For cracks, the material is painted over the noticeable crack and carefully shaped to provide a near-seamless finish. For more information about this process, please reach out to our team today.

A Near-Seamless Answer

One of the major benefits that accompany cosmetic dentistry is the ability to provide a solution without noticeability. In other words, our team can utilize shade-match technology in order to closely mimic the exact shade of your smile so there will not be any noticeable discrepancies. This means you will get to enjoy the benefits of a complete, natural-looking smile once more!

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