Dental Prevention To Protect Your Teeth

October 7, 2021

It goes without saying that nearly every factor out there – from tooth decay and infection to consuming too much citrus or candy – has a negative influence on your grin. What’s more? There are certainly far fewer factors that offer a positive influence, which means we must take strides to ensure proper protection. But where can we begin? In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist describes why we need dental prevention for smile upkeep, as well as what steps you can take at home to ensure proper care.

Why We Need It

Of all of the different areas of dentistry, preventive care is the name of the game when it comes to maintaining a healthy grin. It consists of all practices that aim to protect your structures from harm and prevent harmful bacteria from wreaking havoc on your smile. Without effective prevention, everyone would eventually lose their teeth and their ability for proper oral function.

Indeed, prevention is arguably the most necessary care we can provide our structures, and a thorough routine is needed to make that happen. Part of your care consists of attending routine checkups and cleanings with our office. This is to help provide a professional lens through which we can identify minor concerns or developing issues, as well as ensure they do not turn into major complications.

It also consists of removing difficult deposits of plaque so as to provide an even better chance of success for your grin. Keep in mind, however, that while a checkup serves a great purpose, you should be making strides at home to ensure your upkeep and care are enough to maintain proper health. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

What is a Well-Rounded Routine?

Your health is influenced by more structures than just your teeth, and as such, a well-rounded routine should take these other factors into consideration. Indeed, it is not enough to just brush your teeth (although this is a necessary step also). Flossing can actually help periodontal or gum health by removing food particles and debris that become stuck. Additionally, a basic level of dental health and education should be acquired so that you are fully aware of the ways certain foods and beverages interact with your smile. Give us a call to schedule your visit today.

Things to Consider

Remember that your smile is a one-time deal, meaning if you lose multiple teeth due to infection, decay, or overall poor hygiene, they will not grow back. As such, it is imperative we take every step we can to ensure its protection.

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