What To Do If You Crack A Tooth

Damaged tooth isolated on blue background with clipping path. 3d render illustrationThe last thing you want is to lose a natural tooth, and the gap that takes its place is certainly a sore sight. As such, it is important we practice a well-rounded preventive routine to ensure that all is cared for. What might be even more grueling, however, is putting in such effort just to experience a physical accident or injury that leads to an even more noticeable chip or crack. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist discusses what you should do in the event of a chipped or cracked tooth, and how dental bonding and contouring can help.

Is It an Emergency?

While dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum infection are considered to have a gradual onset, sometimes our smiles are not so lucky, and may instead experience a sudden change of sorts. For instance, say you were participating in a sports game when all of a sudden, a miscalculated step sends you slamming into another player. This may then result in a dislodged tooth or a cracked one.

Another example is when munching on a tasty snack and you bite down too hard, discovering that you have chipped a structure. In cases such as these, it is important to determine the level of severity to pursue effective treatment.

You see, in a situation in which you are in immense pain, bleeding profusely, and otherwise have sustained other injuries, the best course of action is to go to the emergency room. In other situations, contact our team and come in immediately for quality care. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Treating Surface-Level Concerns

In the best cases, the injury sustained is nothing more than a surface-level chip or crack that does not impact your oral health. When this occurs, our team will suggest the help of cosmetic treatment. Indeed, a chip or a crack may best be suited for dental bonding and contouring. This process consists of applying a composite material to the affected area, then contouring or shaping it to satisfaction. Once this step is complete, we utilize a special light to cure it, then you will be on your way! Give our team a call to learn more about this process today.

Highly Realistic Results

One of the major benefits that accompany cosmetic bonding and contouring is the ability to provide virtually seamless results. You see, we can shade-match the composite material to the natural hue of your smile. This allows for a higher-quality result, and most will not even be able to tell that you received treatment in the first place.

Schedule Your Visit

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