How Tobacco Affects your Smile’s Health

December 9, 2021

It goes without saying that there are countless factors out there that can pose a significant threat to your oral health. From the level of preventive care you provide your smile at home to the types of foods you consume and everything else in-between, it seems as though there is nothing your smile is truly immune to. Though there are some items that are considered particularly bad, just how bad can they be? In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explores the impact tobacco use has on your smile and what you can do to better prioritize your oral health.

Major Stains and Discoloration

From a young age, your parents or guardians likely emphasized the need to brush your teeth regularly. While at the time it may have seemed as though this was all just a ploy to get you to do something you did not want to do, the truth is, the early you start oral hygiene practices, the better off your smile will be.

Another major point that your parents likely emphasized was that certain practices would harm your smile. For example, you may have been told that too much sugar can rot your teeth, or that smoking cigarettes as you got older caused your teeth to fall out. Though these may seem as though they are extreme examples, there is a great deal of truth to them.

Taking a look more closely at smoking cigarettes, one of the major concerns that arise involves the way it causes tooth discoloration and difficult stains. Further, these are not your ordinary stains, and they can be quite difficult to remove. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Weak Structures

Another major concern that accompanies tobacco use is weaker structures. You see, the chemicals and other components that are included in tobacco can significantly weaken your teeth, causing them to become more brittle. This process also increases your chances of developing infections and bacterial concerns, as well as contributes to poor oral health overall. Due to this, your dentist recommends ceasing tobacco use as soon as possible. Reach out to our team if you have any questions or wish to schedule your next appointment with us.

Developing Oral Cancer

Finally, the biggest concern that develops from consistent tobacco use is developing oral cancer. This phenomenon occurs when the cells in your tissues continue to grow in size without ceasing. Further, it can lead to concerns such as sores that do not seem to heal, alarmingly loose teeth, and even tooth loss altogether. Our team may provide an oral cancer screening during your next visit, but know that the sooner you seek help, the better.

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