At-Home Tips For A Stronger Smile

March 22, 2022

Feeling comfortable in the skin you are in sometimes requires seeking cosmetic treatment to accomplish, and our team is more than happy to help. Keep in mind, however, that a foundation of excellent oral health is essential to maintain, otherwise all other treatments and practices are for nothing. In other words, your smile’s youthful appearance begins with its health, and taking the steps necessary to ensure health is essential. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explores some important steps you can take at home to ensure a healthy smile for life, as well as what you can do to prioritize your grin’s strength.

Implement a Thorough Routine

Although dentistry in and of itself is a complex area of study, all other treatments would be nowhere without the help of a consistent preventive dental routine. Indeed, your health is dependent on various factors and circumstances, and falling short in your routine may be all it takes for a minor infection to settle in and develop into a major concern.

When we ask our patients about their level of at-home care, many are quick to identify their brushing patterns. Though brushing is the foundation to this routine, it is important to note that it only represents a part of your oral cavity as a whole. In other words, failing to consider the other components of your smile will only lead to the development of infections and complications over time.

Indeed, your dentist recommends a healthy balance of brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing between meals, and utilizing mouthwash in order to provide a more thorough overall clean. To learn more about the importance of your at-home routine, contact our office today.

Be Conscious of Certain Foods and Drinks

In addition to a thorough routine, another important step to take is to become more vigilant about the way certain foods and beverages influence your oral structures and health. For example, sugars feed bacteria and cause them to produce destructive acids at a higher rate, thus leading to an increased chance of developing cavities and tooth decay.

Further, certain foods such as coffee, tea, berries, and more contain higher levels of acid that wear down your protective layer of enamel, as well as staining pigments that cause your grin to dull in its shine. Give our team a call to learn more.

Avoid Harmful Habits

Finally, the biggest piece of advice our team can provide is to avoid detrimental habits such as using tobacco products and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Not only do these practices contribute to weaker teeth overall, but they also cause your smile to take on a brownish-yellow hue.

Learn More Today

To learn more about the steps you can take at home, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI by calling 248-693-6213 and schedule your next appointment with our office today.

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