Dental Veneers Can Do It All!

Looking and feeling your best absolutely begins with feeling comfortable in your own skin, and your smile’s appearance is a big part of that. Indeed, we all agree that it is important to take care of our teeth, but sometimes you can put all the effort in the world in just for a noticeable stain or crack to significantly detract from your grin overall. What’s more? The only thing worse than this is experiencing several cosmetic concerns without any idea how to treat them. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist discusses the major benefits of porcelain veneers, including their versatile function.

When Your Smile is Riddled With Blemishes

It goes without saying that we as a society place a heavy emphasis on the importance of smile appearance. This is largely because a person’s smile can communicate a lot of information. For example, a bright and vibrant smile may not only indicate excellent oral health, but it can communicate a person’s level of confidence and overall happiness with life.

While it is imperative to prioritize your oral health above all else, that does not mean you cannot pursue cosmetic treatment to enhance your grin’s appearance. Indeed, cosmetic dentistry consists of a number of practices that aim to address surface-level issues such as chips, cracks, stains, and gaps. Teeth whitening in particular is an excellent option for stains, while bonding and contouring is particularly effective against chips and cracks.

The problem arises, however, whenever a smile is riddled with various blemishes. It does not make sense to treat each issue with its own unique practice, and situations such as these are where porcelain veneers can truly shine. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Simple, Non-Invasive Treatment

To treat a host of blemishes, your dentist may recommend pursuing porcelain veneer treatment. This process consists of bonding ultra-thin shells of dental porcelain to the surfaces of your teeth using a minimal amount of enamel sculpting and dental cement.

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of treatment is that it is relatively non-invasive in nature. What’s more? It can be completed in as little as two visits, meaning the wait time is next to nothing for a fantastic smile enhancement. Give our team a call to learn more.

Enjoying Highly Realistic Results

In addition to simple treatment, dental porcelain is widely renowned for its uncanny resemblance to the natural textures of teeth. Moreover, once treatment is complete, most will not even be able to tell that you received treatment, to begin with! Discreet solutions are ideal for smile enhancement.

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