Prioritizing Preventive Dental Practices

July 28, 2022

Your smile is one of your greatest features, and certainly something people notice about you immediately. Because of this, there is great value in seeking cosmetic care in order to help you look and feel confident in your own skin. Still, your oral health is always going to come first as a priority, and there are certain dental practices that you cannot ignore if you are looking to maintain a healthy smile for life. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist discusses what it means to prioritize your preventive dental practices, as well as how our team can help.

The Role of Dental Prevention

It goes without saying that dentistry in and of itself is a complex area of practice. Not only does it cover all of the services and treatment of a restorative nature, but it can also include those that occur on the surface of your smile, such as cosmetic blemishes. Indeed, it is almost as if there is a treatment for virtually every dental ailment, and your dentist will work with you to help determine the best options for treatment.

Keep in mind, however, that no smile is set up for success without the help of preventive dental care, and it is essential for maintaining a lifelong bill of health. But what exactly is dental prevention, and what does this mean for you?

You see, preventive dentistry includes any practice that aims to strengthen your natural defenses and protect your smile against threats. Your preventive routine contains two main components: at-home practices and in-office care. To learn more about this process and what your treatment options may look like, give our team a call today.

Practices for At-Home Care

A healthy foundation of prevention begins with at-home brushing. You see, plaque deposits gather and develop on and around your structures as the day goes on. Brushing not only helps remove these deposits, but helps keep your structures protected from the harm bacteria can cause.

You cannot stop at just brushing, however, as your oral cavity is influenced by every structure it contains. In addition to brushing, your dentist encourages you to floss between meals and rinse using antiseptic mouthwash. Contact our team to learn more.

Don’t Forget About Your Checkup

Finally, no preventive routine is complete without attend a routinely-scheduled dental checkup. This appointment is essential, as it allows a trained professional to thoroughly examine your structures and provide feedback in terms of what is being done well and what could use some work. What’s more? A detailed cleaning helps remove difficult deposits that may not be addressed with at-home care alone.

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