How Does Your Diet Influence Oral Health?

Black family eating healthy food togetherIn our most recent blog, we took a look at the way denture treatment can be sought in order to address significant or complete tooth loss. While nobody’s first choice is to lose a permanent structure, in many cases, this phenomenon is out of one’s control. Still, taking strides to practice regular dental prevention and learn about the many negative influences on your smile can go a long way when it comes to keeping your healthy structures. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist takes a closer look at the way your diet influences your oral health and shares steps you can take to provide a better chance of lifelong success.

The Dangers of Excessive Sugars

It goes without saying that your smile is constantly on the defensive against a host of concerns. These can range anywhere from bacteria-related infections like gum disease or tooth decay, to the impact of physical accidents or injuries and more. To add to the list, you may or may not be aware that many food items can pose a threat to both your health and oral appearance as well.

Indeed, your diet can contain items that are excellent for oral health, but it can also contain complications. For instance, the phrase ‘candy rots your teeth’ is a mostly factual one. Though it is not exclusive to candy, sugar in general is bad for your teeth.

You see, sugars feed oral bacteria, which then cause them to produce a destructive acid that aids in the tooth decay process. To learn more about this process and what steps you can take to address it, give our team a call today.

Items That Lead to Staining

Another influence your diet has on your smile is the way foods interact with your teeth. Though discoloration may develop as the result of age in and of itself, stains typically develop as a result of certain food items you consume.

An example includes the morning cup of coffee you consume to kickstart your day. While it gives you the boost of energy you are seeking, it can also contribute to pesky stains. The same can be said for dark berries such as blackberries or pomegranates, though there are health benefits to these foods as well. Give our team a call to learn more.

Drink Plenty of Water

Finally, but certainly not least, the amount of water you consume can benefit your smile. We all know that water is essential for the human body to function, but did you know it contains fluoride, a mineral important to enamel strength? Make sure you are getting the recommended amount every day!

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