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December 22, 2022

Our most recent dental blog took a look at the importance of knowing your cosmetic dental options and how teeth whitening can address years of difficult stains. Indeed, stains or discoloration are by far the most common concerns a person can face, and age in and of itself contributes to a duller smile appearance. While dental whitening can address these issues, it is no match for surface-level chips and cracks that may be impacting your grin. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist will discuss the benefits of pursuing cosmetic bonding and contouring, as well as how our team can help you get started.

Taking Care of Chips and Cracks

It goes without saying that your smile, while one of your greatest assets, experiences a host of factors that cause its wear and tear on a regular basis. Indeed, from the foods and beverages you consume to the use of tobacco products or excessive alcohol consumption, there is nothing your smile is truly immune from.

Since there are significantly fewer natural protections in place, it is important to practice a regular routine of dental prevention. Even still, some factors are merely surface-level in nature and do not actually pose a significant threat to your health directly. These issues may be best handled with the help of cosmetic dental treatment.

More specifically, dental bonding and contouring offer lifelike results for addressing noticeable smile cracks or chips. The big problem with these issues is that they are extremely noticeable in any smile, even causing enough of a discrepancy to significantly detract from your overall appearance. To learn more about this process and what our team can do to help, give our office a call today.

The Beauty in Symmetry

Unlike dental whitening, bonding and contouring offer realistic results for crack and chip treatment. Indeed, chips, cracks, and other noticeable smile blemishes are no match for the use of tooth-colored composite resin, which can smooth any noticeable crack and reshape a tooth to help reestablish an even and symmetric smile.

Sometimes a person’s teeth may be sub-optimally shaped and result in crowding, hanging over other teeth, and more. With the help of dental contouring, however, we can help reestablish a beautiful smile in no time. Contact our office to learn more about your options and how we can help.

Simple and Efficient Treatment

Believe it or not, most cosmetic treatments can be performed in a single office visit. Additionally, bonding and contouring are mostly non-invasive in nature, allowing you to enjoy a realistic smile much sooner than if you were to pursue alternative treatment options.

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