Consider Botox treatment for bruxism pain

Botox For Pain Relief

December 15, 2023
Consider Botox treatment for bruxism pain

When most people think about Botox, they think about the treatment that can erase wrinkles. Did you know that this treatment can help with symptoms of TMJ and bruxism? At your Lake Orion Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to having a variety of options to help you with a wide array of dental-related issues. In today’s blog, we are here to explain how Botox works in dentistry.

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TMJ And Jaw Clenching Problems

Millions of people suffer with temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ) and bruxism. In many cases, these problems are found to be related to each other. TMJ may be caused by genetics, arthritis, problems with connective tissue or cartilage, and more. Chronic tooth grinding – also known as bruxism – can be caused by elevated levels of stress, malocclusion, genetics, medication, and other factors.

When it comes to your oral health, these problems can cause considerable damage. If left untreated, you may begin to wear down your teeth. This can cause sensitivity when eating, toothaches, and headaches. You may also begin to feel stiffness in your jaw that can be uncomfortable.

Treatments For These Problems

There is a simple and non-surgical way to stop your chronic tooth grinding. In most cases, people do this without knowing it is in their sleep. To help combat this, an oral appliance can be worn at night. This looks similar to an orthodontic retainer and protects the teeth from mashing against each other.

If you have damaged your smile from this disorder, we can help you restore the structures. A dental crown blends in with your other pearly whites and protects your natural tooth from further damage.

How Injectables Can Help

If you still experience pain and tenseness from TMJ and bruxism, Botox may be able to help. These fillers help by relaxing the muscles. When inserted around the targeted areas, you will feel relief from pressure on your joints.

To get started on this treatment, you will first need a consultation. You must be at least eighteen to receive Botox in our office. We will assess your concerns and take a look at your dental records. We recommend that you try a night guard first to help with your grinding. Botox can relieve pain, but we must get to the root of the problem as well.

A small needle will be used to inject the specific areas. This is a very quick procedure that will be done within one appointment. Afterward, be sure to not drink alcohol for 24 hours, do not touch the areas, and follow specific instructions given by the dentist.

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You do not have to suffer from jaw and facial pain anymore. Ask us about the benefits of BOTOX®. Learn more about your possibilities by speaking with our team today at Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248)693-6213!

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