Category: Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Care: Are You Ready To Smile About It?

Are you ready to smile a nice, big, healthy smile about restorative dental care? If you’re not quite in that mental place just yet, then this is likely because you have not yet become familiar with the many wonderful ways its treatments can improve your oral health. Before you dismiss it because you worry it… Read more »

How To Feel Okay About Your Tooth Loss

No, you probably don’t feel good about the fact that you are currently dealing with tooth loss! We get that. However, what our Lake Orion, MI team is focusing on today is the fact that there’s most definitely a way to pull yourself out of feeling gloomy and, instead, to quickly cultivate optimistic feelings that… Read more »

Fillings: Nope, That’s Just A Myth! 

You hear lots of stuff about dental fillings, when you need one. Most of the time, none of your friends or family casually mention restorative treatments to you! Then, you happen to mention the fact that you have a cavity and need dental care to a friend and the floodgates open! You’re hearing this detail… Read more »

Your Dental Crown: The Amazing Types Of Protection It Offers

What’s a dental crown and why do you need one? If you have been diagnosed with a problem with your tooth and we have suggested a crown, then you probably already have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. You know that your tooth needs some serious help from restorative dental care and you… Read more »

How To Figure Out: When Is It Time For Fillings?

Are you unsure about how you are supposed to know when it’s time for a dental filling? What if it’s not even a filling you need but instead, something else? While you can appreciate the fact that restorations are extremely important for your smile health when you need them, you’re more focused on what it… Read more »

Which Treatment For Your Damaged Tooth?

So, what you know for sure is that you have a damaged tooth. However, you aren’t quite certain about which dental care treatment is the right one for your type of damage. Are you going to need a crown, you wonder, for your tooth decay? Or a filling? While sorting out which treatment best suits… Read more »