Lake Orion Dentist Discusses Oral Cancer Prevention

Oral cancer is currently the sixth most common cancer in the world. Currently, a surgeon from Michigan is attempting to provide a saliva test capable of oral cancer detection. The development of a low-cost oral cancer screening could potentially save lives. Your Lake Orion Dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield outlines the many benefits associated with advancements in cancer screenings.

Early Detection Can Save Lives

The study conducted includes roughly 120 patients affected with mouth or tonsil lesions. Studying the lesions, the scientists are hoping to isolate and identify particular biomarkers which are proven to be linked to oral cancer. Many dental patients are affected with mouth lesions, but currently the biomarker identification process involves an uncomfortable biopsy. Following the results of many biopsies, it becomes clear that most patients with lesions are not at risk of developing oral cancer.

Lesions which are malignant in nature can be dangerous if not detected early. Developing a simple saliva test to determine a lesion’s malignancy could result in lives saved. According to lead investigator, Barry Wening, “Only 60 percent of patients live beyond five years after diagnosis.”

Currently, the high mortality rate is mainly attributed to delayed detection.

Spit to Prevent Oral Cancer

The researchers participating in the project hope to deliver an oral cancer detection test which is as simple as spitting into a cup. Developing this low-cost, simple solution could certainly drive down health care costs as fewer people would need biopsies for detection.  Currently, early cancer detection screenings  are nonexistent for many head and neck cancers.

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