FAQs: Do You Have TMJ Disorder?

Approximately over ten million people in the United States currently exhibit the symptoms of TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. This serious jaw joint disorder can lead to a number of complications. Do you have TMJ disorder? We look at the factors behind this disorder and discuss possible treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Disorder

Question: What causes TMD?

Answer: Your jaw joints, also known as temporomandibular joints, connect to the skull and allow the motions needed to eat and speak. Once the joints become strained then people can develop TMD-related issues. Jaw joint strain may occur due to injury, teeth grinding, or bite misalignment.

Question: How do I know if I need treatment?

Answer: Common warning signs of jaw joint issues include popping or clicking in the jaw, headaches, jaw pain, earaches, neck/shoulder pain, and in some cases toothaches. If you experience persistent discomfort then you may need to have your jaw examined by a dental professional.

Question: What are the risks of TMD?

Answer: Over time patients with this disorder may have difficulty opening and closing the mouth fully. If the patient grinds his/her teeth then cracks, chips, and infections may occur in the smile.

Question: What are my treatment options?

Answer: You can apply a warm compress to the side of the face to ease joint tension or perform muscle exercises daily. If this fails to properly address the problem then we may recommend an oral appliance. The device will look like a nightguard but will be much more complex. Worn during sleep, the appliance repositions the jaw to stop tension and reduce strain in the temporomandibular joints. This reduces symptoms and can even stop further damage due to teeth grinding, as a barrier is placed between the teeth. If you have any questions we urge you to contact our office today.


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