Enjoy Candy-Free Fun This Halloween! 

Halloween is barreling in our direction, which means you essentially have two choices if you are someone who happens to really like candy. You can choose to bring it into your celebration. Or, you may choose to avoid it! Whatever you decide, if you find that you often wonder what else you could do to celebrate with all things appropriately orange-hued (and safe for your oral health) for this fun day, then our Lake Orion, MI team certainly has some ideas for you! Remember, it’s all about having a festive time!

Gather Up Orange-Hued Whole Foods!

We remind you that there are lots and lots of orange foods out there that are good for your oral health! Did you know that orange foods like sweet potatoes and carrots are actually beneficial for teeth and gums because of their beta-carotene? It’s true! So, eat up in celebration not only of Halloween but of your smile, too!

Pumpkins Abound: Enjoy Them!

A very easy way to avoid accidentally encouraging cavities this Halloween, while you still have an absolutely wonderful time? Don’t overlook the pumpkins that are literally around every corner! If you haven’t carved one into a Jack O’Lantern just yet or decorated one, then now is the time to add this to your list of oral health safe activities for the day! Or, you may wish to indulge in a savory pumpkin snack, soup, or even munch on pumpkin seeds!

Consider Orange-Hued Dental Hygiene Fun!

Of course, a major part of protecting your oral health is your dental hygiene, so why overlook this part of your day? Instead, give it your attention as you ask yourself how you can pull your brushing and flossing into your Halloween celebration! It’s easier than you might think. If you’re in the mood, you might want to pick up a themed brush (or simply one that’s orange), find orange toothpaste, and bring the holiday into your morning and nightly routine until it’s time for fresh products!

Chew On Orange (Sugarless) Chewing Gum!

Would you really love to dive into some candy but you have decided you’re just going to give your oral health some much-needed support and skip the flood of sugar this Halloween? Don’t fret! You can still get your dose of sweetness by chewing on a piece of sugarless gum. Find an orange-hued variety for some thematic fun, while you also help keep your smile extra clean in the process!

Make Halloween A Smile Safe Event

Enjoy your Halloween this year, while you remember you have many options for celebrating and feasting that do not have to include sugar. Let us know if you need additional advice or dental care by calling soon! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.