What’s Breath Got To Do With It?

October 8, 2019

You know that there’s something you think of as “good breath,” which really just means you’re not putting any offensive odors out into the world, when you’re standing close enough for someone to catch a whiff! Then, you also know that there’s bad breath, which can cause even those who love you the most to back away, as you’re speaking to spare themselves the disgust that comes with breathing in what you’re putting out! However, you may wonder: What’s this all got to do with your oral health? Does it really mean anything at all? Our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that the answer is yes, it is directly linked, and there are some details you should keep in mind!

It’s Telling You Something Might Be Wrong

Patients often think of bad breath as a nuisance, without realizing that it is actually a loud and clear warning sign, when it’s something that hangs around. Here’s what you need to consider: The change of your breath toward the offensive end of the spectrum is often a red flag. It’s a symptom of an underlying oral health problem that either requires your attention at home or that requires professional dental care from our team. It is not something to ignore!

It Could Be Related To…

Fleeting bad breath is something that you may attribute to the food or beverage you ate or to a night of mouth breathing. However, unkindly breath that’s with you on a daily basis is something more serious. It’s possibly related to dry mouth (which is dangerous for your oral health), to the development of tooth decay, to an infection or sore in your mouth, to lapsed dental hygiene, to gingivitis, and more! Generally speaking, it’s all about your oral hygiene and bacteria.

Immediate Action May Or May Not Work

So, is it fleeing or chronic, you wonder? If bad breath is fleeting, then it will clear up when you brush and floss your smile. If it’s chronic, it’s not going anywhere, even with your best approach.

For Chronic Concerns, Come In!

If you discover that you are dealing with chronic bad breath (called halitosis) that just won’t stop, we remind you that you most certainly need professional dental care. You require a diagnosis, so you know why this is happening and then you require a plan from us regarding how to address your oral health concern, so your breath is nice again.

Get Breath Into Amazing Shape With Our Team

Say goodbye to any oral health concerns you’re dealing with and hello to the fresh breath that you once enjoyed, when you choose to come to our practice for the comprehensive care we provide! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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