Chances You Should (And Shouldn’t) Take With Your Smile

October 10, 2019

Sometimes, as you have heard before (and likely many times), you just have to take a chance, when it comes to enjoying change! When we apply this line of thinking to your smile, the idea holds true! However, you may find yourself wondering: What types of chances should you take and what types should you probably avoid? In short, our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that you should say “yes” to things that benefit your smile and “no” to those that have the potential to harm your oral health or appearance. Want some examples for improved clarity? We’ve got them!

Shouldn’t: Seeing What Happens Without Care

One of the chances you shouldn’t take, when we’re talking about your oral health? It’s not a good idea to just see what happens if you stop caring for your smile (or if you really ease up on your usually consistent approach to care). Why not? Well, we understand that you may hope against hope that if you skip dental checkups and cleanings, only brush once a day, and give up flossing, things will magically be okay. However, based on science, we can simply assure you that things will definitely not be okay! Avoid damage to your smile by sticking with the tried-and-true smile care guidelines.

Shouldn’t: Trying OTC Treatments

You shouldn’t take any chances on over-the-counter (OTC) treatments. We know that it may seem exceptionally tempting at times and you may even become convinced that since a friend who used one seems okay, you’ll be fine, too. Again, you cannot know what you’re using, how it will impact your smile, and once damage is done, it’s done. We encourage you to instead, protect your oral health by seeking any and all additional care with our team!

Should: Try New Hygiene Items

Curious about new dental hygiene items? Maybe you’ve had your eye on a new electric toothbrush, a special toothpaste that sounds lovely, or something else? Perhaps you think a water flosser would be a fun addition to your oral health care. Now this is a chance you should take! No matter what, you’re benefiting your smile. If you don’t love a new product, you can always go back to the stuff you were using before! Give it a whirl! You may enjoy it.

Should: Go For Cosmetic Care With Us!

As mentioned, you should see our team when you want a change! Ready to take a chance and improve the beauty of your smile? Seek cosmetic care from our practice for lovely results!

Take A Chance On Optimal Smile Care

Live on the edge not by ignoring your smile but instead by trying out new and beneficial things for your oral health or your grin’s beauty, when you’re in the mood! Come in for additional guidance and treatment! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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