Sugar And The Stuff You Should Really Remember

October 15, 2019

It’s extremely rare that you run into someone who makes a “yuck!” face, when sugar is mentioned. Most people love it! It’s sweet, it’s delightful, it’s a main ingredient in many delicious desserts, beverages, and more! With that said, it’s also rare that you run into someone who really feels completely confident in terms of enjoying sugar without feeling exceptionally guilty about its potentially (very negative) oral health impact. So, what can you do, you ask our Lake Orion, MI team? Just accept a fate full of cavities? Never eat it again? Well. We can give you some middle-ground solutions that will help you enjoy some sweetness, while safeguarding your smile health!

It Feeds Bacteria

If you don’t really know why sugar is bad for your smile health but you aren’t exactly arguing on the topic, then let us help you feel more knowledgeable! Why, you wonder, does sugar cause cavities? Here goes: Sugar and carbs are food for bacteria that live in your mouth within plaque. They eat it and then, like other living creatures, digestion takes place. What bacteria release (onto your smile) through this process is acid. The acids eat away at your dental tissue (remember, your outer layer is called enamel). This causes soft spots in your enamel that eventually turn into holes (called cavities).

Limiting Contact Limits Potential Problems

You want to keep your smile health safe and avoid the problems that require restorative care, so you wonder: Do you have to stop eating sugar? Well, since carbs also come into play, remember that just skipping sugar can be beneficial but isn’t going to provide you with the ability to avoid tooth decay. Instead, remember that the goal is to limit contact between sugar and your teeth. If you eat it, get it off of your smile as quickly as possible!

It’s Better When Eaten With Your Meal (Not Apart From It)

One way to remove sugars as you eat? Consume dessert and other treats with meals, so the other foods you’re eating are pulling sugar particles with them (and so you’re already salivating, which helps rinse your smile).

There Are Lots Of Ways To Remove It

We remind you that you can remove sugar particles with ease by rinsing with water. If you have the chance, brush a half hour later! Remember that by chewing sugarless gum for about 20 minutes, you also help get teeth clean!

Protect Your Smile From Sugar

Enjoy the sugar that you like to eat, while you feel informed and prepared to protect your teeth in the meantime! Better understand how sugar can damage your oral health, so you’re ready to keep teeth safe. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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