What You Need To Know About Gum Contouring

When we smile, it is our teeth that are most visible. So, if there are stains or chipped or missing teeth, those issues are noticeable. The great thing, though, is that they are treatable through cosmetic improvements, like teeth whitening, bonding, and dental bridges. Another treatable area that isn’t usually considered is the gum line. When a patient has gums that cover teeth in a disproportionate amount, they have what is termed a “gummy smile.” However, with gum contouring your Lake Orion, MI, dentist can correct this so that you can have the uniform smile you envision.

What Happens During The Procedure?

The procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed in one day. When you visit our office for the treatment, we will offer dental sedation so that you can remain relaxed and comfortable. During the session, we will carefully trim away excess gum tissue that covers too much of your teeth. We use a soft-tissue laser to do this, which allows us to be more accurate and precise. 

Is It The Same As Gum Reshaping?

Gum reshaping is not the same thing. It is a periodontal procedure done to combat gingivitis, decay, or tooth loss. When gums recede, they leave the teeth exposed to infection when pockets form. That’s where bacteria can gather. A gum reshaping treatment removes the pockets and seals them up to fight against future problems.  

What Causes People To Have Excessive Gum Tissue?

Most people when they smile have around two millimeters of gum tissue that shows. However, if it exceeds three-to-four millimeters, then it is considered a gummy smile. It can develop sometimes by how a tooth grows. A disruption of that process may cause the tooth from fully extending, which can lead to gum tissue buildup. Another way is how the upper jaw is positioned. If it is overgrown, excessive tissue may form. 

Proper Treatment And Recovery

After the procedure, you should be aware of what you eat since your gums will be sensitive. Stay away from things that can cut or poke the tissue. A diet of soft foods is suggested for the first few days after treatment. A follow-up appointment will let us exam you to determine if the healing process is on track. Once we are confident that everything is looking good, you will then be able to go back to your regular eating habits, along with your daily brushing and flossing habits

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