Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Need for Straighter Teeth

If your teeth have always been straight and you’ve never needed to wear braces, then learning they’ve become crooked in your adult years can be surprising. Most people expect to become crooked as they’re developing, which is why people often associate orthodontic treatment with children’s dentistry. However, even after they’ve fully grown and developed, adult teeth can still experience a number of different issues that could impact their alignment. Today, we explain a few of these concerns, and why it’s important not to ignore the need to straighten your crooked teeth.

How do adult teeth become crooked?

The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in your oral health; every time you bite and chew, your teeth must properly absorb your bite’s pressure in a way that spreads it evenly across all of them. However, things like undue force or pressure, an injury to the oral or facial area, or other oral health concerns can affect this alignment, as a result, your overall oral health and bite function. For example, some common factors that could lead to crooked teeth include bruxism, or constant teeth-grinding, that puts your teeth under constant excessive force. If a tooth is damaged or lost, it might also impact the alignment of the other teeth around it.

What crooked teeth could lead to

The cause of your crooked teeth is important in that it may need to be successfully addressed in order to fully restore and preserve your smile. After it is, however, the alignment of your teeth may also need to be corrected to restore your bite’s properly balance and function. Depending on the underlying cause of your condition, your teeth may continue to grow further out of alignment and have an increasingly more severe impact on the rest of your oral health. Fortunately, straightening crooked teeth can often be a more discreet and convenient process than you might expect with the help of SureSmile clear aligners.

How to straighten them conveniently

Knowing that crooked teeth can be problematic can often motivate people to straighten their crooked teeth, even if they aren’t immediately sure of how they got crooked. However, the idea of wearing metal braces for the next couple of years may make some adult patients hesitate, which is not a good idea for the sake of your oral health. With the help of SureSmile clear aligners, we can help many people address a variety of tooth alignment concerns by utilizing clear, digitally designed, and nearly invisible orthodontic aligners. Unlike traditional braces, you can enjoy the advantages of a straighter and healthier smile without worrying about your orthodontic treatment being obvious to everyone.

Learn why you shouldn’t ignore crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can become more problematic for your smile than you’d expect if you don’t correct their alignment. With SureSmile aligners, doing so can be more convenient than ever. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.