Can Gingivitis Make Your Teeth Hurt?

June 9, 2020

When gingivitis develops, the seriousness of it can often be underestimated. That’s often because the symptoms of it don’t seem serious, if they’re noticeable at all. There are also signs of gingivitis that you might not realize are associated with the health and integrity of your gums, such as a growing sensitivity in one or more of your teeth. Today, we examine what gingivitis means for your gums, and how the diminishing health of your gum tissues can lead to increasing tooth sensitivity and much more.

What gingivitis means for your gums

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, which is a chronic condition that mainly affects the gum tissues surrounding your teeth. As the main protective tissue around your teeth roots, your gums are also responsible for protecting the roots , which are not covered by enamel as the crowns of your teeth are. When the gums become infected by harmful oral bacteria – the beginning stage of gingivitis – it can impact the health and integrity of your gums, including their ability to adhere to the roots of your teeth. One of the symptoms of gingivitis’ progression is the recession of your gums as the infection gets worse, which can leave the roots of your teeth increasingly exposed.

Tooth sensitivity and other signs of gum disease

The exposure of your teeth roots due to gingivitis’ progression is one of the main factors in tooth sensitivity related to your gum health. However, sensitive, exposed teeth roots are only one of several potential symptoms of gingivitis and gum disease. The erosion of your gums also poses several additional threats to your oral health, including tooth loss in its more severe stages. As it grows worse, you may also notice inflammation in your gums, bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth, chronic bad breath, pain and soreness in your gums, and more.

How to restore your good oral health

The good news is that, if you notice the signs of gingivitis and seek treatment for it as soon as possible, you can have a good chance of preventing it from causing more significant harm to your oral health. For many patients, periodontal cleaning (also known as scaling and root planing) can help remove the harmful oral bacteria from underneath the gums that are the source of the condition. Further treatment may be required if significant damage has occurred to the periodontal tissues and ligaments that support your teeth.

Learn if you need gingivitis treatment

Though toothaches often indicate trouble with your teeth, they can also indicate the exposure of your teeth roots due to the consequences of gingivitis and gum disease. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.

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