Why More Modern Fillings Are Tooth-Colored

June 4, 2020

Tooth fillings have been a part of restorative dental care for a long time, and many older patients who’ve had cavities filled in the past may remember when they were mostly made from metal amalgam. Today, however, increasingly more people who want to treat mild to moderate cavities choose tooth-colored fillings, rather than metal amalgam ones, and for many different reasons. In addition to matching the natural color and shade of your tooth, a tooth-colored filling can also perform better in several important ways when it comes to restoring and protecting a cavity-stricken tooth.

They don’t have metal in them

The fact that tooth-colored fillings don’t have any traces of metal in them is important for several reasons. Most importantly, this makes the filling material safer for more patients, particularly those with metal allergies, or who are pregnant or experience other health concerns. Also, the lack of metal is an important part of the material’s ability to blend in discreetly with your tooth structure. Made from biocompatible composite resin, which consists of finely ground acrylic and quartz-like particles, tooth-colored fillings can be highly customized and tinted to match the unique color and shade of nearly any tooth.

They bond better to natural tooth structure

The composite resin that makes up a tooth-colored filling is biocompatible in more ways than just mimicking your tooth’s appearance. Composite resin is also able to bond securely to your natural tooth structure once it’s applied to the structure’s surface, making it highly durable as a restorative treatment for your cavity. The resin can conform precisely to the shape of the cavity to ensure optimal restoration of the tooth’s health and integrity. Then, once bonded and hardened, the filling creates a highly effective seal against oral bacteria that could potentially cause the tooth further harm.

They can protect teeth more successfully

The cavities that tooth fillings are designed to treat are the result of progressive decay in the natural tooth structure. This decay, or bacterial infection, progresses on its own when left alone, and the cavity that forms in its wake is caused by the erosion of your natural tooth structure. When treating a cavity with a tooth-colored filling, the goal of the procedure isn’t just to fill the cavity, but also to prevent oral bacteria from infecting the tooth structure once again. Because of its high biocompatibility and the quality of the bond between the resin and your tooth structure, a tooth-colored filling can significantly reduce the chances of this occurring.

Learn if your filling should be tooth-colored

Their more lifelike appearance is only one of the many important reasons why more modern fillings are made from metal-free, tooth-colored materials. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.

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