Could You Benefit from Bruxism Treatment?

June 11, 2020

Not everyone who has bruxism realizes it immediately. The constant teeth-grinding that’s the hallmark of the condition isn’t always noticeable, especially for patients who grind their teeth most often at night. However, once you notice signs that you grind your teeth too often, or your dentist diagnoses you with bruxism, it’s important to seek treatment for the condition as soon as possible. Today, we examine what bruxism can mean for your oral health if you ignore it long enough, and how you can benefit from seeking custom-designed bruxism treatment before the consequences become severe.

If you experience bruxism

Having bruxism means that you grind your teeth subconsciously and much more often than you may be aware of. Some people may realize they grind their teeth more often than usual and speak to their dentist about it, allowing them to catch and address their bruxism before any significant damage occurs to their teeth. However, many people don’t realize it, and remain unaware there’s a problem until the constant grinding causes their teeth to hurt, wear down, fracture, or break. Other signs, such as chronic headaches and sore, painful jaw muscles, might also result from the unchecked and constant pressure of your jaw muscles clenching and your teeth grinding against each other.

What if you ignore it?

Until the symptoms of bruxism become severe, it can be easy to overlook the times you catch yourself grinding your teeth. However, the longer bruxism remains untreated, the more of an impact it can have on your teeth and your oral health. The severity of your condition and the consequences that result from it are largely dependent on how long bruxism goes untreated, and in severe cases, the damage can be significant. For instance, one or more fractured or broken teeth can lead to the need for restorative treatment to repair them, as well as custom treatment to address your bruxism and prevent it from causing further tooth damage.

How to treat your bruxism

When you address bruxism early, you can have a good chance of avoiding the need for extensive restoration to repair significant tooth damage. For many people, their bruxism condition can be successfully controlled with the help of a custom-designed oral appliance that fits comfortably over their teeth as they sleep. A bruxism appliance is small enough to remain unobtrusive while you sleep, but durable enough to protect your teeth from the intense pressure of grinding. An oral appliance may also help alleviate pressure on your jaw’s joints, or TMJs, to help you avoid the development of TMJ disorder.

Learn if you need bruxism treatment

If you notice signs of constant teeth-grinding, then you may benefit from custom-designed bruxism treatment. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.

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