Checkups Complete Your Preventive Routine

Image of a handsome happy young man sitting in medical dentist center.Dentistry is an all-encompassing term that includes most treatments relevant to the oral cavity or mouth. Cosmetic dentistry handles appearance or surface-level concerns, restorations deal with mitigating infection and reversing damage, and prevention handles keeping your smile strong to fend off the many threats your smile endures daily. While these seem like very distinct categories, there is actually quite a bit of overlap in care. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist will explain the importance of preventive dentistry, and how your routine checkups play a much bigger part than you might think.

Caring for Your Smile

It goes without saying that oral care is not a one-and-done situation. In fact, an effective routine is designed to be ongoing, meaning that you are constantly caring for your grin. Every aspect of dentistry serves a great purpose, but prevention in and of itself is arguably the name of the game.

Indeed, preventive dentistry is the foundation for a healthy smile, as it leads to better protection and overall strength. What’s more? It decreases your chances of enduring infection, decay, and many more threats. In other words, a stronger smile is, indeed, a healthier one.

Contrary to popular belief, however, it consists of much more than just brushing your teeth. As a matter of fact, your dentist recommends a steady balance of brushing and flossing, paying mind to the foods you consume, and taking care to attend your routine checkups and cleanings. To learn more about these three practices, reach out to our office today.

A Closer Examination

The reason dental examinations and cleanings are a necessary part of your preventive routine is that they provide an in-depth look at the quality of your care. Indeed, performing a self-examination on your own can be a difficult process because you may lack the tools, knowledge, and ability to do so. To address this, a professional checkup is a must.

During your exam, our team will take care to examine your teeth, gums, cheeks, throat, and tongue for signs of damage, infection, trauma, and more. From here, we can provide an appropriate care plan to help you take control of your smile’s health.

Providing a Professional Cleaning

Another important part of a six-month checkup is a thorough cleaning. You see, plaque develops as the day goes on, and while you may take steps to brush your teeth effectively, some plaque will build up in the hard-to-access areas of the mouth. This is where your checkup comes in handy, as our team can provide a gentle but thorough cleaning and polishing to remove these dangerous deposits.

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