When Your Cavity Can’t Be Filled

Close-up of dentist's hand examining teeth of child patient in dental office using probe and mirror. DentistryStaying on top of your smile requires much more than you might think. After all, your biggest concerns extend past cosmetic issues, and sometimes you have to face the possibility of needing an extraction in order to preserve your oral health. Indeed, you may be taking every necessary step to prioritize your oral health, yet it only takes one instance of falling short for a dangerous concern to set in and begin wreaking havoc on your grin. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist takes a look at what happens when you do not treat your cavities in time, and when you might require root canal therapy to mitigate further damage.

Understanding Decay Progression

It goes without saying that our smiles face countless threats throughout the course of our lives. From foods we eat to physical injuries from accidents and everything else in-between, nearly everything negatively influences our smiles’ health.

One of the most common concerns that millions of individuals face every year is the threat of dental decay. This process begins when oral bacteria have been lurking in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth feeding off of the foods and beverages we consume. Certain particles, such as sugar, actually cause these microorganisms to produce a destructive acid, and that acid breaking down your teeth is what is known as decay.

In many cases, the earlier stages of decay will result in small holes in a tooth known as a cavity. If you act efficiently, you can have these issues taken care of with a simple composite filling. If you wait on it, however, your situation will get worse without a doubt, and you could even face the possibility of extraction. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Protecting Your Nerves and Roots

As the dental infection spreads, it works its way down into your inner tooth. Here, it damages your dental pulp as well as your nerves that are house in the canals of your teeth. Individuals who experience decay at this stage will begin to endure sharp pains, sensitivity, and problems with oral function.

While dental crowns can be utilized to contain the infection, chances are if your condition has reached the stage mentioned above, you will require a root canal. To learn more, contact our office.

Significant Damage May Warrant Removal

While nobody wants to lose a permanent tooth, failing to have your decay treated in a timely manner might bring you closer to having to endure this option. Indeed, the infection can become so bad that even with a root canal procedure, there is a chance your restoration could fail and you could lose a tooth.

Learn More Today

The last thing you or your dentist wants is for you to lose a tooth, but sometimes that is the only option when it comes to protecting your oral health. Contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI by calling 248-693-6213 to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our office today.