Arranging Treatment With A One-Day Crown

November 24, 2021

In a situation where you need more than just a dental filling to protect a problem tooth, your Lake Orion, MI dentist can provide a custom dental crown to ensure you have lasting support and stability. At other locations, you can find that the process of restoring your tooth in this way calls for two separate appointments. This means until your procedure is complete, you can be left with a less reliable temporary restoration. Because we use CEREC technology in our office to design and produce crowns, we can shorten your treatment time. As a result, your tooth has its full protection sooner, and you can enjoy a more convenient overall experience with smile care.

What A Dental Crown Can Do For Your Smile

A dental crown surrounds your tooth structure above the gum line. When it is put in place, it will provide coverage that lets you comfortably bite and chew without problems. With the right material, a crown can also provide cosmetic benefits, as it can match the appearance of your healthy enamel and offer up a natural look. This is an approach we will take to restoring your oral health when we are not able to rely on a dental filling to provide permanent protection.

Planning Your Treatment With A Same-Day Dental Crown

With CEREC technology, we only need one appointment to place a dental crown that is lifelike, customized to fit your tooth, and strong enough to hold up against years of pressure generated when you bite and chew. To make sure that your restoration is the right shape and size, we use digital imaging technology to carefully measure and evaluate the tooth, and from there we can produce a digital design. An in-office milling machine then produces your ceramic crown, which we can put in place to provide the right protection.

Tips For Preventing Future Problems With Your Oral Health

As reassuring as it can be to know that your dentist can make restorative work more convenient, you should still take care to prevent future problems with your well-being. After all, every cavity does irreversible harm to your tooth structure, something you should certainly strive to avoid. We can help you with this during your regular dental exams. At these appointments, we provide important reviews and feedback about your oral health, and we can also support you through cleanings that stop tartar and plaque from building up on your enamel.

Talk To Your Lake Orion, MI Dentist About Receiving A Same-Day Crown

Through the use of CEREC technology, our practice is able to produce and place crowns that are ready in just one appointment! To find out more about this and other services we offer, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI at 248-693-6213.

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