What You Should Know About Bruxism

Man Putting in his Night Guard in Front of a MirrorYour smile is one of your greatest assets, and as such, it is important to take strides to stay on top of your health. Indeed, your oral health is influenced by more than just how frequently you brush your teeth or attend your checkup. Even daily habits, your diet, and more have an influence! In order to provide the best care we can, it is important to attend those routine checkups and restorative visits, if applicable. Still, sometimes factors that are out of your control have an influence, and as such, it is better to seek care sooner. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explains what you should know about bruxism.

Major Health Concerns

Bruxism, also known as chronic teeth grinding, is a phenomenon that affects many people every year. This phenomenon occurs when a person clenches their teeth together tightly and moves the lower jaw back and forth from side to side. What’s more? This process can occur when a person is awake, but more often than not happens when an individual is asleep. Because of this, it may be difficult to recognize that you are grinding your teeth initially.

As you can imagine, tightly clenching and rubbing your structures together can lead to a handful of oral health complications. To begin, this process causes friction on your teeth’ surfaces. Over time, this practice can lead to structures becoming more brittle and subject to a heightened chance of cracking or breaking.

Another health concern that results from untreated bruxism is an increased chance of developing a major dental infection or tooth concern. To learn more about the influence teeth grinding has on your oral health, give our team a call today.

How It Influences Oral Function

Not only is your health at risk when you experience bruxism, but you may endure complications to oral function as well. For example, teeth grinding causes tension in the jaw, so it is possible to experience difficulties opening the mouth entirely or biting as normal.

Additionally, dental concerns do not get better on their own, and treatment is a must, otherwise, your situation can develop into a bigger concern such as TMJ Disorder.

It Can Get Worse

The last thing you want to experience is a dangerous jaw dysfunction that occurs when the mandible becomes misaligned with the respective temporomandibular joints (TMJs). Fortunately, bruxism appliances such as a mouthguard customized to your needs can help significantly. Further, we take care to obtain precise measurements of your structures so that your new oral appliance fits comfortably while protecting your teeth.

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