Ways Implants Can Enhance Smile Function

May 31, 2022

It goes without saying that starting preventive care as early as possible is an excellent way to prioritize your oral health. What’s more? Teaching your children about the importance of preventive care helps form healthy habits sooner in life. Still, sometimes a person may be taking every step possible to maintain a healthy grin, but a dental emergency or accident may have different plans in mind. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explores the damaging effects of missing teeth, as well as how dental implants can help restore more than just your grin’s appearance.

Complications from Missing Teeth

When it comes down to it, nobody wants to lose a natural tooth. After all, the process could be painful, depending on the circumstances, and you will absolutely experience the various effects of missing structures. Whether a tooth was dislodged in a dental accident or emergency, or lost due to severe infection, the result is the same: a dental extraction is the only option when prioritizing your oral health.

In the event that a person loses a natural tooth, oftentimes the biggest focus is the fact that a noticeable gap is now present in his or her smile. This can significantly impact a person’s level of confidence, as a one’s smile is often the first thing a person may notice about them. As such, a gap of any variety serves as an eyesore to your otherwise perfect grin.

Though the cosmetic side of a missing structure is obvious, there is also a functional side of things that become complicated by missing teeth. To learn more about this process and how restorative treatment can help, give our team a call today.

Supporting Bite Pressure

In terms of functional complications, as little as one missing tooth can lead to potential complications, and they only get worse the longer you wait to treat them. You see, your teeth roots create a secure connection with your jawbone, and this allows your structures to properly absorb the pressure of your bite. In other words, your roots help anchor your teeth in such a way as to properly support your bite’s pressure. Give our team a call today to learn more about this process and what your treatment options may be.

Completing Your Smile’s Appearance

Seeing as oral function is a major consideration, ideal treatment options aim to address this factor in addition to completing your smile once more. Indeed, dental implant restorations help to restore function by fulfilling the role of your tooth roots, and the restorative crown is constructed with attention to detail in matching your smile.

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