How Advanced Decay Influences Your Health

October 11, 2022

Your oral health is the most important factor to consider when seeking dental care, and being aware of the many ways your smile is influenced can help protect it from harm. Indeed, dental prevention is considered to be your primary line of defense against threats of this nature, but keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to rid the mouth of oral bacteria entirely. As a result, sometimes these microorganisms wreak havoc and cause infections to form. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explains the way that tooth decay settles in and spreads, as well as what this means for your oral health.

Targeting Your Sensitive Nerves

Whether you are aware of it or not, your smile serves a number of important purposes. From consuming the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy to serve as a defining feature of yours, it is important to keep your oral structures healthy and happy.

Though they may be some of the strongest bones in your body, your teeth are not indestructible. Indeed, oral bacteria are only the beginning, and the longer you wait to treat your smile, the more likely you will become to develop an infection such as tooth decay.

Dental decay begins when oral bacteria feed off of sugars, which then create a destructive acid that causes decay to occur. As decay continues to spread, it works its way into the inner portion of your tooth where your sensitive nerves are housed. When the infection has spread to this extent, the logical best course of action is to pursue a root canal. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Why Seek Root Canal Therapy?

Dental infections will never get better on their own. In fact, the opposite is true: they will only continue to get worse without care, and the longer you wait, the worse your chances are of successful treatment.

A root canal procedure involves numbing the area, then carefully but thoroughly removing the infected dental pulp within the tooth. After this occurs, we will flush the tooth and then fill the hollow root canals with a dental material to provide structural support. Contact our team to learn more today.

Ensuring a Healthy Recovery

Finally, but most importantly, you should know that a root canal will include a recovery period. After all, we are working on the sensitive inner portion of a tooth, and your nerves will have endured damage prior to treatment. To assist in routine tasks, our team will finish your treatment by placing a dental crown on top of the tooth addressed.

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