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3 Important Benefits of CEREC One-Day Crowns

The benefits that come with restoring a tooth with a custom-designed dental crown are significant when it comes to your tooth’s immediate and long-term health. The most common reasons for capping a tooth with a dental crown is to restore it from significant damage, or from the threat of a concern that affects its structural… Read more »

What a CEREC Crown Can Fix in Just One Day

When your experiences trouble in the form of damage to its healthy structure, or severe cosmetic blemishing, a custom-designed dental crown may be the most efficient and effective way to restore it. Today’s lifelike dental crowns not only fortify and strengthen damaged teeth, but also closely mimic their healthy, natural structures for optimal cosmetic results…. Read more »

How a CEREC Crown Restores Your Smile Faster

For the longest time, dental crowns have been an important part of restorative dental treatment. Patients who receive one can benefit from a custom dental crown in several different ways, from improved health and integrity for their teeth to fully restoring their ability to bite and chew properly. However, the process of placing dental crowns… Read more »

How Do We Create A Crown In One Visit?

For many years, hearing you needed a crown placed meant bracing yourself for at least two to three visits. However, we know finding time in your hectic schedule for so many appointments is difficult, which is why your Lake Orion, MI, dentist can create and place crowns in just one visit. Find out how we… Read more »

3 Reasons to Get Your Crown in One Visit

For a long time, dental crowns have been a preferred solution for fixing and improving teeth with a wide range of concerns. Their ability to completely cap and restore teeth has helped patients more successfully preserve their smiles. Today, dental crowns are more lifelike than ever before, and with the help of advanced technology, you… Read more »

A Broken Tooth: Why Is It So Bad?

You know that a cavity isn’t a great thing. You know that any type of damage isn’t something to celebrate. However, when there’s a lot of worry surrounding a broken tooth, you naturally find yourself wondering: Why is this such a “bad” thing? Why is it that much more dangerous to wait on breakage than… Read more »