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Metal-Free Smile Repair

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When a tooth has tooth decay or a dental infection, or becomes damaged, then a restoration could be necessary. Treatment then prevents worsening discomfort or the risk of tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI, dentist discusses our metal-free restorations, such as composite resin fillings or ceramic crowns!

Different Ways Crowns Address Your Needs

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In our previous blog, we took a look at the beginning signs of dental decay, how it contributes to cavity formation, and why it was important to seek a dental filling as soon as possible. Indeed, there are several factors out there that negatively affect your oral health, and staying on top of routine care… Read more »

Why Might Your Dentist Suggest A Crown?

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Taking care of your smile is a process that follows you throughout the course of your life. In fact, it is necessary to begin a regular preventive routine as soon as possible, as your smile could use all of the help it can get. You see, there are countless factors out there that can negatively… Read more »

Three Ways Crowns Can Protect Your Teeth

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Dental infections such as tooth decay, gum disease, and a host of others typically have one thing in common: hyperactive oral bacteria that seek to wreak havoc on your grin. Indeed, it is for these reasons that your dentist recommends consistent preventive dental care, including brushing and flossing at home and attending in-office dental checkups…. Read more »

Major Benefits From Dental Crown Treatment

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From the moment you begin regular preventive care, you are going to maintain this practice for the rest of your life. To begin with, bacteria contribute to bad breath, which is the last thing someone wants to be known for. Moreover, these and other microorganisms and bacteria will continue to make an attempt on your… Read more »

Major Benefits of Restorative Crowns

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It can be difficult at times to provide the necessary level of care our smile requires. Indeed, on an average day, you may have your preventive routine down to second nature. When ill, however, this very well may not be the case. What’s more? Consistently falling short in your preventive dental routine – whether you… Read more »