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Looking At The Many Roles Of Crowns

dental laminate veneers, zirconia ceramic crowns

One of the biggest threats to loving your smile involves noticeable chips and cracks that may be scattered throughout it. Indeed, cosmetic dentistry makes addressing these concerns much more straightforward, but issues that actually impact your oral health are entirely different concerns. Fortunately, restorative dental treatments such as crowns can be used to nurse your… Read more »

Three Ways Your Smile Can Benefit From A CEREC Crown

While cosmetic dentistry helps to mend concerns such as noticeable blemishes and stains, restorative dentistry’s main purpose is to address function and restore your structures, preventing them from the need for extraction. Indeed, restorations such as fillings or dental crowns can work hand-in-hand to promote a healthy recovery and help you get the most out… Read more »

How to Enjoy a Newly Crowned Tooth in One Day

When a tooth is significantly damaged, or receives treatment for a severe case of tooth decay, the most effective way to restore its strength and integrity may be to place a custom-designed restorative crown over the tooth. Modern dental crowns are typically designed to closely mimic a tooth’s healthy, natural structure, both in its appearance… Read more »

Fixing Your Tooth in Just One Day with CEREC

Time matters more than many people realize when it comes to restoring their smiles. The need for restorative treatment can stem from a wide range of potential conditions, but in each case, waiting to address it can give the problem time to become even worse. When it comes to damage to your tooth or other… Read more »

How to Streamline the Placement of a Dental Crown

When it comes to restoring your smile, most people recognize that time is of the essence. That’s especially true when your tooth becomes damaged or compromised enough to require a dental crown being placed over it. In most instances, the need for a dental crown indicates a more severe level of damage to your tooth,… Read more »

Why We Recommend Placing Dental Crowns in One Day

When your dentist recommends placing a dental crown over your tooth, it’s often because the tooth in question is damaged or blemished severely. To restore or improve the tooth, capping its entire visible crown structure is the best way to correct the issue. Given the nature of most oral health concerns and their tendency to… Read more »