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Versatility With Dental Crown Restorations

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It goes without saying that preventive dentistry is essential to maintaining a lifelong smile, but it is important to also note that slip-ups can occur. Indeed, falling short in your preventive routine can open the doors for tooth decay and other infections to come in and wreak havoc, and in cases such as these, having… Read more »

Arranging Treatment With A One-Day Crown

In a situation where you need more than just a dental filling to protect a problem tooth, your Lake Orion, MI dentist can provide a custom dental crown to ensure you have lasting support and stability. At other locations, you can find that the process of restoring your tooth in this way calls for two… Read more »

Ways You Benefit From A Dental Crown

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Starting preventive care from a young age often places individuals at an advantage in terms of a healthy smile as opposed to those who do not seek proper care until later in their lives. Indeed, a thorough routine should be practiced indefinitely, and falling short on care is all it takes for oral bacteria and… Read more »

Increased Protection With CEREC Crowns

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A well-rounded preventive dental care routine is the key to a healthy and happy smile, but sometimes oral bacteria and other concerns may have different plans. Indeed, you cannot avoid a physical injury, nor can you address concerns you are not even aware are there. Because of this, restorative dentistry acts as a necessary backup… Read more »

Looking At The Many Roles Of Crowns

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One of the biggest threats to loving your smile involves noticeable chips and cracks that may be scattered throughout it. Indeed, cosmetic dentistry makes addressing these concerns much more straightforward, but issues that actually impact your oral health are entirely different concerns. Fortunately, restorative dental treatments such as crowns can be used to nurse your… Read more »

Three Ways Your Smile Can Benefit From A CEREC Crown

While cosmetic dentistry helps to mend concerns such as noticeable blemishes and stains, restorative dentistry’s main purpose is to address function and restore your structures, preventing them from the need for extraction. Indeed, restorations such as fillings or dental crowns can work hand-in-hand to promote a healthy recovery and help you get the most out… Read more »