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Is My Smile White? Or Not?

You may suddenly find yourself asking a question that you aren’t sure how to answer: Is my smile white? Of course, smiles are simply considered to be white but at what point, you wonder, does your smile classify instead as stained, discolored, dim, lackluster, or anything other than white? Does your smile shade look identical… Read more »

The Truth About Avoiding And Treating Smile Stains

Your smile is susceptible to staining, which is a detail with which you are very familiar. After all, you hear about teeth whitening all the time, which exists because discoloration impacts just about everyone around you to some extent. As a result, you may find yourself wondering about quite a lot of things related to… Read more »

Your Smile: Let’s Talk About Wear And Tear

You hear this phrase in many different facets of your life. You know that your home’s floors, even if you care for them, may become a bit yucky over time simply due to wear a tear. A car may go for hundreds of thousands of miles but still, due to wear and tear, it will… Read more »

Why You Can’t Identify Cosmetic Care On Friends’ Smiles

You may assume that friends of yours just happen to have perfect smiles. You wonder, how does everyone else that you come into contact manage to maintain such beautifully white, nearly pristine grins, when yours isn’t living up to these high standards? Of course, our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that in many instances,… Read more »

Which Treatment For Your Damaged Tooth?

So, what you know for sure is that you have a damaged tooth. However, you aren’t quite certain about which dental care treatment is the right one for your type of damage. Are you going to need a crown, you wonder, for your tooth decay? Or a filling? While sorting out which treatment best suits… Read more »

Gum Contouring: Is It What You’ve Been Missing?

Have you been wondering what to do about the way your smile looks but you can’t seem to come to a conclusion about exactly what’s wrong with your teeth? Perhaps this is because the actual problem that’s causing your esthetic concerns isn’t your teeth at all … instead, it may be your gum tissue that… Read more »