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Porcelain Veneers Can Do It All

Getting ready. Hands of professional prosthetic technician sitting at the table in her office making dental porcelain for the patient.

Maintaining a healthy smile for life is an ongoing process, and it is up to us to take an active role in pursuing strong and durable teeth. Indeed, practices such as attending necessary checkups, brushing and flossing at home, and even being conscious of your diet all play a role in your smile’s health. For… Read more »

Brightening Your Smile With Whitening

Handsome young business man over grey grunge wall wearing elegant shirt approving doing positive gesture with hand, thumbs up smiling and happy for success. Looking at the camera, winner gesture.

Whether you are aware of it or not, our smiles endure a significant amount of wear as the day goes on. Indeed, dental decay is often the biggest threat that many hear about, but bear in mind that your day-to-day routine can also have a major impact. This can include your shine becoming dull, experiencing… Read more »

Addressing Cosmetic Damage With Bonding

Young woman before and after procedure of gingival plasty on white background, closeup

It goes without saying that the list of factors that negatively impact our oral health feels never-ending at times. Indeed, from common concerns such as gum disease and decay to less-common situations involving sleep apnea or bruxism, attempting to keep up with your smile can seem like a daunting task. In some situations, however, functional… Read more »

Your Smile Can Benefit From Cosmetic Treatment

It goes without saying that your smile’s health is the most important thing, and taking the steps necessary to ensure it is a must. If your grin is in good standing functionally but lacking in appearance, however, there should be no reason you do not love your grin. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI… Read more »

Addressing Minor Cracks With Cosmetic Dentistry

Just as functional concerns such as decay and infection can be prevented or mended with the help of restorative dentistry, problems that arise and affect your smile’s appearance can be handled with cosmetic treatment. Indeed, there exists a category of oral concerns that may not actually impact your grin’s function, but it does not mean… Read more »

A Cosmetic Approach To A Gorgeous Smile

Staying on top of your oral health by attending your routine examination and cleaning is one of the more-efficient ways to obtaining a lifelong smile. Coupled with preventive care at home, your grin should be in tip-top condition! While this may be the case, a factor that may not be addressed is your diet, and… Read more »