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Can a Porcelain Veneer Fix Your Tooth More Conservatively?

Whether your goal is to restore damage to your tooth structure or improve the appearance of your tooth and smile, one of the most important aspects of your treatment is the ability to keep it minimally invasive. That’s especially true for procedures that involve altering your natural tooth structure in preparation to restore it. For… Read more »

The Role Tooth Bonding Can Play in Restoring Your Smile

The good thing about having several different options for addressing your tooth concerns is that you have a better chance of doing more than just addressing an immediate concern. For example, minimally invasive tooth bonding is often a conservative option for addressing certain types of tooth blemishes, such as severe discoloration or chips in the… Read more »

A Solution For A Straighter Smile

While Crooked Teeth may be a good indie band, having teeth that are crooked is not a good thing. For one, it affects your smile’s appearance, and everyone wants a beautiful smile. More importantly, if you have them, they can affect your bite, cause other teeth to get damaged because of uneven bite pressure, and… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Gum Contouring

When we smile, it is our teeth that are most visible. So, if there are stains or chipped or missing teeth, those issues are noticeable. The great thing, though, is that they are treatable through cosmetic improvements, like teeth whitening, bonding, and dental bridges. Another treatable area that isn’t usually considered is the gum line…. Read more »

Are Your Teeth As White As You Want Them To Be?

Stains happen. If your diet consists of a lot of food and drinks that cause them, like red wine, coffee, or tea, you’ll begin to get them over time. If you smoke, too, you should stop. It will be better for your overall health, and it will help reduce discoloration. Stains can occur outside of… Read more »

Tooth Bonding Can Help Preserve Your Smile

A treatment to create a beautiful smile is about more than just appearances. It should also support your root structure and help prevent future changes to your teeth. One of the ways your Lake Orion, MI, dentist can do this is through tooth bonding, a dental cosmetic option that is popular with patients. This procedure… Read more »