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What Can I Expect From My Dentist At A Routine Exam?

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How much can your dentist really do for you when you go in for a routine dental exam? A typical appointment does more for your smile than you are able to do on your own between visits. Thanks to advanced imaging technology, your teeth and gums can be closely studied for any signs of trouble… Read more »

3 Things To Do The Day After Halloween

Yes, you may already have some ideas about how you would like to spend the day after Halloween. It may include lots of walking and exercising, after consuming copious amounts of calories. Or, you may wish to stay snuggly and cozy, letting the day-after-sugar “coma” set in, as you watch movies and relax. The good… Read more »

Chances You Should (And Shouldn’t) Take With Your Smile

Sometimes, as you have heard before (and likely many times), you just have to take a chance, when it comes to enjoying change! When we apply this line of thinking to your smile, the idea holds true! However, you may find yourself wondering: What types of chances should you take and what types should you… Read more »

What’s Breath Got To Do With It?

You know that there’s something you think of as “good breath,” which really just means you’re not putting any offensive odors out into the world, when you’re standing close enough for someone to catch a whiff! Then, you also know that there’s bad breath, which can cause even those who love you the most to… Read more »

Soda: Super? So-So? Or Smile Damaging?

Yum! Soda. It’s effervescent and crisp. It’s oh so refreshing. It’s…bad for your smile health? Or, is that only certain type of carbonated beverages? Or, is it only if it’s a drink packed full of sugar? You know that you’re probably supposed to steer clear of soda pop when at all possible but the reason… Read more »

4 Times To Rinse With Salt Water (And More)

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of solutions that can offer you that immediate relief, both physically and emotionally, when you need it most! Did you know that in many instances, when you’re dealing with an oral health concern that’s causing you to schedule an urgent visit to our practice, a common means of keeping your smile… Read more »