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Discreet Correction With SureSmile Aligners

Invisible aligner, braces -- 3D Rendering

Doing what needs to be done to take care of your smile can range in terms of treatment options, as it largely depends on your unique situation and needs. For instance, decay can be handled with various forms of restorative dentistry, and stains or cracks may be addressed with cosmetic treatment. Though you may not… Read more »

Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

If you’re a kid who had braces growing up, you remember the treatment process. The timetable is long, the braces are uncomfortable, and they’re frustratingly restrictive at times. If you didn’t have braces as a kid, it’s likely because your dentist or orthodontist didn’t see an issue with the development of your teeth and jaw… Read more »

Why Are Clear Aligners Preferable?

When your teeth aren’t aligned the way they’re meant to be, learning that you have to straighten them might create mixed feelings. You might be excited at the prospect of improving your smile’s appearance as well as your overall oral health, yet hesitant about wearing metal brackets and wires on your teeth for the next… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Need for Straighter Teeth

If your teeth have always been straight and you’ve never needed to wear braces, then learning they’ve become crooked in your adult years can be surprising. Most people expect to become crooked as they’re developing, which is why people often associate orthodontic treatment with children’s dentistry. However, even after they’ve fully grown and developed, adult… Read more »