Acid Erosion: The Sneaky Culprit You Overlook!

July 2, 2019

You may not consider the fact that the beverages you’re consuming, some of the foods you’re eating, and even the occurrence of dry mouth can take a serious toll on your smile. However, our Lake Orion, MI team is here to remind you that there’s something these (and other) factors have in common: They contribute to acid erosion, which can actually have a significantly negative influence on your overall oral health and the strength of your smile! Learn more, so you know you’re giving your smile its best protection.

What Is It?

Think about your mouth. It has teeth, soft tissue, it’s moist from saliva flow, and plaque coats your grin every day. Teeth are covered in a shield-like outer layer called enamel. That plaque we mentioned is full of bacteria (some of which can cause problems like tooth decay). The goal is always to keep your smile clean, sufficiently moist, and neutral in terms of pH! Unfortunately, if your smile isn’t clean, bacteria can release acids onto your teeth as they digest food particles. If your mouth isn’t moist enough, bacteria will multiply without being rinsed away by saliva, so again, acid levels that they produce increase. If your teeth are exposed to acidic conditions for too long, teeth become weak! Acid erosion occurs as acids soften and slowly dissolve your enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to a host of problems.

What Might Happen?

Strong teeth that have not been impacted by acid erosion can withstand daily chewing, they have a shield that’s ready to fight the development of decay, and they are primed to look vibrant. That full enamel protects nerves within teeth, so your smile feels good, too. Unfortunately, as enamel wears thinner and thinner due to erosion, you’re left with the following:

  • Teeth will become sensitive
  • Your teeth become weaker and more prone to breakage
  • Teeth are more vulnerable to the development of decay, making you more likely to end up with cavities
  • Thinning enamel exposes the yellow dentin beneath, so teeth may look less vibrant or discolored

What Should I Do?

What you should do is keep up with your dental hygiene and your checkups and cleanings with us! In addition, you should always remember to drink enough water to combat the possibility of dry mouth. You should also do your best to steer clear of highly acidic foods and drinks (or, to be very good about remembering to rinse your smile with water after each sip or bite of something acidic).

Keep Your Smile Safe From Acid Erosion 

Learn all about how to keep your smile clean and healthy at home, how to make smart eating and drinking choices, and receive essential care from our friendly team! See us soon for an informative dental checkup! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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