Fast Facts: All About Your Tongue!

August 15, 2019

Nope, we’re not telling you about your teeth today. Or your gums. Not even your lips! Today, our Lake Orion, MI team has decided to check in with you in terms of some very important information you may not know just yet about your tongue. While it’s an ever-obvious part of your mouth, you might not have clued in just yet when it comes to taking care of it, things you should do, things you should avoid, and more! Though there’s always room for additional oral health questions, when we see you for your dental checkups and cleanings at our practice, now is a very good time to get started with introductory info!

It’s Better Not To Pierce It

We remind you that if you’re thinking about piercing your tongue, it’s better not to do so from an oral health standpoint. First, remember that when you pierce your tongue, you’re creating an actual hole that will need to heal! This means you are inviting bacteria to populate at that location, which can lead to infection. You are also introducing a hard object that will reside in your mouth, which can lead to damaged teeth and a need for dental crowns, etc. Keep your tongue and mouth safe by skipping this.

It’s Always Essential To Clean It

You need to keep your tongue clean, which is the same thing that we say about your gums and your teeth, too. You need to keep your entire mouth clean! If you didn’t realize that this was a key factor in protecting your oral health, all you have to do is very simply include your tongue during dental hygiene sessions, along with everything else. We remind you to brush your teeth, brush along your gumline, and then brush your tongue gently from the back toward the front, spit, rinse, and you’re all done! In the meantime, you’ve removed lots of debris and bacteria.

A White Tongue Means Bacteria

If your tongue stops looking clean and instead has a bit of a white cast, then you may be actually seeing the buildup of bacteria on it. If you haven’t been brushing your tongue, then this may be all it takes to set the matter straight. However, if you do generally practice optimal dental hygiene, including brushing your tongue, a change in appearance is a good reason to schedule a dental checkup with us!

See Us For Tongue Answers Today!

When you have questions about any part of your mouth, from your teeth to your gums to your tongue, remember to call us! Come in for a dental checkup with our team, so we may offer you lots of information. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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