3 Things To Do The Day After Halloween

Yes, you may already have some ideas about how you would like to spend the day after Halloween. It may include lots of walking and exercising, after consuming copious amounts of calories. Or, you may wish to stay snuggly and cozy, letting the day-after-sugar “coma” set in, as you watch movies and relax. The good news is that whether you’re planning on taking it easy or stepping up the activity, you can most certainly feel sure you’re keeping your oral health in good condition. Curious about what our Lake Orion, MI team has in store for your smile plans, once Halloween is over? Let’s talk about a handful of easy-to-accomplish, beneficial choices!

#1: Come Up With A Candy Plan

If you haven’t already, then it’s time to come up with a candy plan. Nope, it’s not quite as fun as it was when you were a kid or a teenager, and you thought that consuming the entirety of your trick-or-treating collection was a good idea! However, we can happily assure you that figuring out the types of treats (and how much) you’re comfortable with for yourself and your family is a solid idea. Maybe you decide everyone can have five pieces of candy after dinner each night. Whatever the case, it will help you avoid an unintentional candy free-for-all that will encourage oral health problems for days or weeks after Halloween.

#2: Celebrate National Brush Day!

Brush your teeth. However, don’t just do it like you always do. Complete it in a festive way! In case you didn’t know, November 1st is National Brush Day, so you can rest assured that the rest of the country is waving goodbye to Halloween, as they spend some time reflecting on proper brushing (and then following through). It’s a nice way to feel you’re cleansing your palate, so to speak, and snapping back into action with optimal oral health care. It’s also a very simple way to get the kiddos motivated!

#3: Ask Yourself How Your Smile Is Doing

How was your candy eating experience? Did you chow down on some sugar with the kids? How are their smiles doing? If anyone complained of a toothache or other problem, then call us right away to schedule a checkup. If fillings or other care is needed, acting quickly means regaining oral health in a flash!

Enjoy Non-Stop Smile Protection 

Keep in mind that we provide you with smile protection all year long! Ask us for guidance and treatment before holidays, after them, and any time in between, so you can easily maintain your smile’s health. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.