A Broken Tooth: Why Is It So Bad?

October 22, 2019

You know that a cavity isn’t a great thing. You know that any type of damage isn’t something to celebrate. However, when there’s a lot of worry surrounding a broken tooth, you naturally find yourself wondering: Why is this such a “bad” thing? Why is it that much more dangerous to wait on breakage than it is to avoid a filling for a cavity for a few extra weeks, in some cases? We understand that you’re curious about the urgency connected with seeking restorative care for this type of issue, which is why our Lake Orion, MI team is happy to line out the helpful details you’re missing!

It’s Exposing Your Nerves (Ouch!)

A broken tooth is bad, first and foremost, because it can feel very uncomfortable. Remember that if you have a cavity that’s not too deep, it’s only occurring within your enamel (outer tooth tissue layer), which means there may be a bit of sensitivity but nerves are still protected. If you break your tooth, chances are good that the nerves within become fully exposed, which means pain! So, in addition to doing what you can to avoid this issue, should you break a tooth, come in for immediate care to get your comfortable smile back quickly.

It’s Promoting More Breakage

As you know, once something that was whole becomes damaged, the chance of more damage occurring sky rockets! This is the case for your broken tooth. It’s not going to heal and it’s probably going to break further if you ignore it. So, come in. Talk with our team right away. Remember that we offer same-day dental crowns, so what feels like an inconvenient and overwhelming experience with your oral health is actually going to be something we can address quickly, so all is well in a snap!

It’s Inviting Bacteria In

Not only are your nerves exposed with a broken tooth but the internal tissue is exposed along with those nerves. This means bacteria that are usually kept out, thanks to your intact tooth and enamel are invited in. This, as you may already know, means the potential for infection. Prevent serious consequences by getting in touch with us!

It Requires Attention ASAP

Say goodbye to all of the worries, consequences, and more that can come with a broken tooth, when you simply visit us. Remember that any discomfort or damage requires immediate attention and we will be compassionate and gentle with your smile!

Get Your Broken Tooth Addressed Today!

Don’t wait on a broken tooth if you know or even think that damage has occurred. Come in for a checkup with us ASAP, so we may talk with you about the extent of the broken tissue and how we can fix it! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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