Smile Care: Good Habits You Don’t Realize You’ve Formed 

October 31, 2019

It’s easy to spend your time focusing on everything you might be doing wrong for your smile. You wonder, are you brushing correctly? Is there something you’re not quite noticing that could be driving your teeth toward possible tooth decay? We understand! However, while it’s possible for some not-so-great things to be happening, it’s important to our Lake Orion, MI team that you also recognize your hard work, when you put in lots of effort for your oral health. What very good habits might you have formed that you’re not even giving yourself credit for? Let’s check out some possibilities (while you give yourself a pat on the back)!

You Brush And Floss On A Schedule

Are you someone who brushes your teeth twice daily and flosses once a day, too, and you’ve worked out a schedule for yourself? If so, we offer you a round of applause! It’s a very common problem, we hear, that patients sometimes have difficulty following through with smile care simply because they forget about it, get too tired, find themselves in a rush, etc. Fortunately, what you are doing is remaining consistent and ensuring you have the time, so protecting your oral health is something you’ve made easy.

You Always Keep Hygiene Items Nearby

Of course, if you’re brushing and flossing as we suggest, then this offers you some very effective protection for your oral health. However, if the rest of the day is an absolute free-for-all in terms of snacking, sugar, and more, then you may still be encouraging cavities and other oral health issues to develop. With that said, if your good habit you’ve formed is keeping dental hygiene items nearby, then you’re on track! You have what you need, so in case you do indulge, you can clean your smile and keep prevention doing its thing.

You Make It A Point To Use A Timer When Brushing

If you’re using any type of timer to ensure your brushing takes two minutes, each time you brush, then you’re on target! Keep this going, as it is always going to be to your benefit.

You Stop And Think Before You Eat Anything

It seems like a very simple habit to form but it’s so good for your oral health! When you’re in the habit of pausing before you bite, so you can ask yourself whether what you’re eating is safe for your teeth, you are much less likely to accidentally break a tooth on your food. Good thinking!

Stick With Good Smile Protection Habits

Do all that you can to protect your smile through optimal care and smart choices and you can expect good habits to form! Keep those habits going (including seeing us twice annually) for easy success! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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