Restorative Care: Are You Ready To Smile About It?

November 14, 2019

Are you ready to smile a nice, big, healthy smile about restorative dental care? If you’re not quite in that mental place just yet, then this is likely because you have not yet become familiar with the many wonderful ways its treatments can improve your oral health. Before you dismiss it because you worry it will feel uncomfortable to receive (hint: with our Lake Orion, MI team, it will feel perfectly comfortable!), we suggest you take a second glance. Remember, the care you provide today impacts the health of your smile tomorrow and well into the future.

It Can Repair The Structure Of Your Tooth

Good news. That broken tooth? We can actually fix it and make it so that you have a full tooth standing in your smile. Are we going to somehow do something to get your tooth to regenerate and to grow new tissue? Nope. It’s called restorative dental care and the treatment is a dental crown (full coverage for a very damaged tooth). Or, it’s a filling (composite to fill in the missing areas of tissue, such as when a cavity occurs). The goal, of course, is to make sure that your teeth are whole, strong, and intact (and very functional) and that your teeth can all fit together comfortably for your chewing, speaking, singing, and more!

It Can Remove And Stop Disease

Don’t forget about the fact that restorative care is here to end the disease that’s harming your oral tissue and that will continue to harm them (until you visit us!). Here’s an easy example: You have tooth decay. It has created a cavity in your tooth. The bacteria responsible are ever-present and that tissue is going to keep becoming destroyed, as the cavity becomes larger. When you see us for a filling, you’re not just letting us fill in that opening. Instead, you’re allowing us to completely clean the area out, to stop the issue from moving even a step further, and you’re allowing us to restore your tooth’s structure. It’s truly a return to your smile health.

It Can Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Remember that though preventive care is what helps you avoid problems in the first place, should problems occur, restorative care is what lets you stop them (so that, eventually, you don’t end up losing your teeth). It may seem like an obscure, far off possibility but losing teeth due to oral health problems can impact anyone. Feel good about restorations and treat issues immediately to avoid this possible outcome!

Enjoy The Advantages Of Restorative Care

Remember that selecting restorative dentistry from our team is going to be to your benefit! Address issues, from cavities to more serious damage, in order to get your oral health back in beautiful condition. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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