Caring For Your Smile: To Recycle Or Not?

You already have a pretty solid foothold on how to limit waste in your household, which means you are certainly participating in some amount of recycling! When it comes to many of the products you use on a daily basis, you’ve got the sorting, the trashing, the recycling, and the composting down to a science! However, when the topic at hand is your oral health care items, things can quickly feel a bit confusing. Should you recycle? Repurpose? Just deal with the fact that the wastebasket is the only place for your used-up tube, container, or brush? Take a moment with our Lake Orion, MI practice, as we help you get to the bottom of things!

Recycle Your Brush? Yes.

You know that you cannot use the same brush forever if you want to effectively stave off tooth decay and other hygiene-related issues. However, you also dislike imagining your toothbrush just lying in a landfill somewhere. What can you do, so you’re following our suggestions to protect your oral health, while you’re also sticking to your principles? Choose to find a participating store, online-accessible program, or other means of recycling this oral health care item. Just a bit of research will reveal that this is a much more popular means of saying “bye bye” to old brushes than you may have realized!

Reuse Old Items? No.

Thinking about reaching under the sink for that toothbrush you used to use but that you set aside because you started a new one? We don’t suggest it. Remember, what’s old, past its expiration, and already worn out will not benefit your oral health care, so do your best to dispose of used items and to stock up on new ones!

Recycle Packaging From Care Items? Yes.

Are you a patient wondering what you can and cannot recycle? Check that cardboard toothpaste box, etc. for information about whether it may be recycled (you’ll be surprised by just how many items are okay for the recycle bin) and follow through!

Pass Down Old Products? Not Necessarily!

If you have an unopened tube of toothpaste and your daughter runs out (and the tube is not yet expired) then this is perfectly fine. However, we advise against passing down anything you’ve already used, from toothbrushes (you should never share; you should use a new brush every three to four months), to mouthwash, to anything that might be contaminated with germs. It’s best to start fresh and to use your own items from the start for optimal oral health.

Learn About Dental Hygiene With Us!

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