3 Benefits of Dental Technology

January 2, 2020

Dental technology is always evolving, and your Lake Orion, MI family dentist can put new innovations to work for you and your family’s smiles. It isn’t just about having televisions in the waiting room area, or being able to conveniently remind you about upcoming appointments. Our use of dental technology goes much deeper, and directly impacts the health of your teeth, jaw and, in fact, your whole system. When your smile is in good condition, it helps your heart and other areas as well!

Benefit #1:   Technology Cuts Down on Radiation Exposure

The ability to safely and easily take pictures of what’s going on underneath the gums has direct benefits for every patient. Not only can X-rays keep an eye on tooth development and bone growth, but the the trained eye, they can illuminate areas where cavities may be forming, so we can stop the decay with a filling, before it can spread.

Benefit #2: Technology Saves You Time

We always give you the time it takes to make sure you are comfortable and getting top-notch care. But dental technology like CEREC one-day crowns can cut the time needed for a dental crown down to a single visit. No longer must we measure for a crown, and then have it milled elsewhere, and place it at an additional appointment. We now handle crown placement on site, and in a single visit.

Benefit #3: Technology Is Convenient

Gone are they days of picking up your X-rays at one dentist, and transferring them to a new dentist if you move. If an insurance company is requesting additional information on a claim, our experienced staff can prepare and send it with the press of a few buttons. All this means that you don’t have to chase all over, collecting files and delivering them by hand.

Let Us Put Our Dental Technology to Work for You

Our office uses dental technology at every appointment. It can make your life safe and more convenient, and it enables us to give you and your family the best care yet. To schedule an appointment and discuss treatment options, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.


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