Month: April 2020

Other Advantages to Tooth-Colored Fillings

Ideally, treating a tooth that has a cavity wouldn’t leave a metallic shine in the tooth for the rest of the person’s life. This is why many people hesitate to treat a cavity when they believe that a metal filling is their only choice for doing so. Today, however, more fillings are crafted from biocompatible… Read more »

Effective Ways to Avoid Losing Teeth

One of the most important, but commonly misunderstood, things about tooth loss is the fact that, in many cases, it can be successfully prevented. Because it occurs frequently and can affect nearly anyone at some point in their lives, many people believe it to be a natural and unavoidable part of the aging process. However,… Read more »

How Do Eating Habits Affect Your Teeth?

For the most part, caring for your teeth at home is largely a preventive effort. For example, you brush them at least twice every day and floss them at least once in order to prevent oral bacteria from forming too much plaque on your teeth’s surfaces. However, your teeth can also benefit from more proactive… Read more »

How a CEREC Crown Restores Your Smile Faster

For the longest time, dental crowns have been an important part of restorative dental treatment. Patients who receive one can benefit from a custom dental crown in several different ways, from improved health and integrity for their teeth to fully restoring their ability to bite and chew properly. However, the process of placing dental crowns… Read more »

Is Your Teeth-Grinding Becoming a Problem?

It’s easy to ignore something like grinding your teeth if it doesn’t cause you any discomfort, or leave any noticeable impacts. That’s usually the case when it comes to most people’s teeth-grinding habit. When healthy, your teeth are strong enough to withstand occasionally grinding together without becoming worn down or damaged. However, for some people,… Read more »

A Guide to Preventing Tooth Decay

Knowing that good dental hygiene is the key to preventing tooth decay can make it seem easy. However, tooth decay is so common that a majority of adults have experienced in it at least one of their teeth at some point in their lives, and many different factors contribute to why. Today, we outline a… Read more »