Month: June 2020

Can a Porcelain Veneer Fix Your Tooth More Conservatively?

Whether your goal is to restore damage to your tooth structure or improve the appearance of your tooth and smile, one of the most important aspects of your treatment is the ability to keep it minimally invasive. That’s especially true for procedures that involve altering your natural tooth structure in preparation to restore it. For… Read more »

3 Preventive Treatments that Help Kids Avoid Cavities

Most of what you learn and teach your children about maintaining good oral health revolves around prevention. Your child’s smile is better off if they can successfully prevent things like cavities from developing, which takes successfully preventing the excessive buildup of oral bacteria on their teeth. This is what makes daily dental hygiene so important… Read more »

Why Good Hygiene Matters to Your Long-Term Oral Health

A consistent schedule of dental checkups and cleanings is the most commonly recognized form of preventive dental care. By professionally cleaning and checking your teeth and oral tissues at least twice a year, your dentist can help you ensure that your smile remains consistently healthy and free of issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and… Read more »

The Great Thing About Modern Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are among the most recognizable forms of restorative dental treatment, even among people who’ve never had a dental crown placed over a tooth. That’s because crowns have been a highly effective way to repair and restore teeth with a variety of concerns for a long time. Today, they remain a popular way to… Read more »

3 Issues that Raise Your Risks of Losing Teeth

While tooth loss is common, it doesn’t occur as frequently as it used to. That’s largely due to advancements in preventive and restorative dental health care, which have helped many patients successfully prevent or treat the most common causes behind tooth loss. Today, we examine a few of those causes, and how they lead to… Read more »

Could You Benefit from Bruxism Treatment?

Not everyone who has bruxism realizes it immediately. The constant teeth-grinding that’s the hallmark of the condition isn’t always noticeable, especially for patients who grind their teeth most often at night. However, once you notice signs that you grind your teeth too often, or your dentist diagnoses you with bruxism, it’s important to seek treatment… Read more »