Added Protection With Restorative Dentistry

June 3, 2021

It goes without saying that preventive dentistry is the number one way to provide for a lifelong smile. Just because it is intended to keep your structures healthy, however, that does not mean it guarantees a grin without complications. In fact, many individuals can fall short in their routine in any given area, and sub-par care can lead to issues such as decay or infection down the line. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist takes a look at the benefits of restorative dentistry, and how these treatments can salvage your natural teeth.

When Prevention Falls Short

While dentistry in and of itself spans a large spectrum of care, nothing is quite as effective as preventive dentistry. Indeed, prevention is intended to keep your teeth strong and healthy so that they can fend off oral threats more effectively. A well-rounded routine consists of brushing and flossing at home, attending routine checkups and cleanings, and even paying mind to the foods and beverages you consume.

Even still, a hectic schedule coupled with sub-optimal preventive care can open the doors to a myriad of complications and concerns. For instance, dental decay can set in much faster than you might expect, and failing to seek necessary treatment will only cause the situation to get worse.

Because issues can arise at any time and cause significant damage before you even notice a problem, our team recommends attending a routine visit at least once every six months to ensure your health is taken care of. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Salvaging Your Natural Structures

Designed as a sort of backup in the event prevention fails, restorative dentistry involves treatment and procedures that actively remove dangerous threats such as decay and infection, and restore your smile’s health and function. For example, a dental filling is intended to address cavities, while root canal therapy removes decay that has spread to the nerves in the teeth and began to wreak havoc.

Because each smile contains its own unique set of parameters and complications, not every restorative procedure will benefit each one. For instance, decay that has totally compromised a tooth will likely cause filling restorations to fail, and the next best step might be extraction. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

Aiding Your Oral Health

Restorations also work to benefit your health by mitigating damage and interference. Most concerns will only get worse with time, and with it, cause more and more issues. To put a stop to this process and reinforce your smile’s strength, a restorative treatment will be considered.

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