Are You In Need Of A Root Canal?

March 8, 2022

It goes without saying that the last thing a person wants to experience is the loss of one or more permanent teeth due to infection or some other threat. Indeed, your teeth are very strong on their own, and their protective layer of dental enamel helps protect you even further from various concerns. Keep in mind, however, that without additional assistance through brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, your enamel will eventually erode, and there will be nothing protecting your structures from the constant barrage of harm. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explains how restorative treatment can help.

The Dangers of Untreated Decay

Whether you are aware of it or not, your oral health is constantly being threatened by various outside forces. These can be as simple as oral bacteria, germs, and infections, or as obscure as the types of foods and beverages you consume or your overall quality of at-home preventive care. Though there are various sources of damage we must be aware of, the most common dental concern has to be tooth decay.

Indeed, tooth decay occurs when oral bacteria present in the mouth feed off of sugars and other particles from food we consume. As a result, these microorganisms will secrete a material that causes your dental enamel to erode. If this practice continues without interventive treatment, then the acid will continue to erode a hole into your tooth for oral bacteria to infiltrate and begin to complicate things.

Tooth decay differs from other concerns such as a headache or upset stomach, as it will persist without treatment. In other words, seeking treatment sooner rather than later is ideal. Give our team a call today to learn more about this process.

Functional Complications from Infected Roots

Once decay has progressed past a simple cavity, it will work its way toward the sensitive nerves and tissues contained in your roots. As this occurs, you can expect to experience noticeable symptoms. These include toothaches, pain, heightened sensitivity, and even functional complications when biting, chewing, or eating.

Waiting for your symptoms to subside is not an effective way to address these concerns, and as such, we encourage you to reach out to our team as soon as possible to avoid even more damage. Contact our office to learn more.

How Treatment Intervenes

When the infection has reached your teeth roots, we will suggest a root canal to help remove the infection and restore your tooth’s health and protection. This process involves thoroughly cleaning away the infected tissues, then filling the open canals with dental material to reinforce strength.

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