Looking At Prosthetic Solutions

July 14, 2022

While many people share a common goal of maintaining a smile for life, sometimes dental infection, an emergency, or some other issue may take them by surprise. Indeed, in an ideal world, brushing and flossing is all we need to do to ensure our oral health. In reality, however, this is oftentimes not the case. As a dental infection sets in and continues to spread, it will only worsen over time. Without efficient and effective restorative care, you may face the possibility of losing one or more teeth. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist discusses the prosthetic options you can pursue when facing significant tooth loss and how our team can help.

In the Event of Significant Tooth Loss

It goes without saying that, when presented with the choice of losing a natural tooth, most people would not opt for the missing structure. The unfortunate truth is, however, that this is not often an option. Indeed, tooth loss affects many people every year in some way or another, and many people are not even aware there is an issue to begin with.

While dental prevention is certainly the name of the game in terms of keeping your smile healthy and happy, prevention is no match for every concern that can influence your oral health. For example, a dental emergency may lead to the sudden loss of one or several teeth, and this phenomenon is independent of how much you floss after meals.

In the event of significant tooth loss, you do not have to fret about sporting an inconsistent grin, however, as restorative care can help address a wide array of issues. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Implant-Retained Restorations

Whereas dental restorations are designed to restore your already-existing structures, prosthetic dentistry helps replace structures with lifelike accuracy. You see, implant-retained restorations are popular among individuals with missing structures, as they not only address the noticeable gap or gaps present in a grin, but they can help address questions of function as well. By mimicking a natural tooth root, an implant post can help your new restoration absorb the pressure of your bite with ease. Contact our team today to learn about your treatment options.

What Else to Know

Implants can do much more than just address a single missing tooth, and implant-retained prosthetics can bring new meaning to a perfect smile. We will work with you to determine the best treatment options for your situation, including discussing the need for an implant bridge or denture set.

Learn More Today

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