Cosmetic Treatment With Composite Resin

August 17, 2023

Our team can offer cosmetic improvement to your smile in only one visit, or even address a case of tooth decay, using a lifelike material known as composite resin. From teeth stains to chipped teeth, tooth bonding can offer results that look natural. The same material can be used in the placement of a lifelike dental filling for patients with tooth decay.  In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI, dentist talks about how we use lifelike composite resin to offer major improvement in a single session, using a metal-free and biocompatible material, one that can stay in place for years to come and provide optimal smile restoration!

Your Initial Dental Exam

Our team will first start by taking a close look at your smile to see if you need treatment, and if so, what kind of procedure we will need to offer. Bonding addresses cosmetic and minor restorative concerns, and our fillings can tackle tooth decay before a crown or root canal is needed. Our team will take a close look at your smile with advanced digital imaging systems.

Composite Resin

Composite resin is a unique blend of glass-like and acrylic particles, one that is metal-free and therefore safe for all ages, from kids to adults, as well as pregnant women and the elderly. Amalgam, while effective, contains trace amounts of mercury that could impact smiles of all ages. Instead, composite resin is completely metal-free and safe for anyone to use. The material can also be color matched to blend with your smile, so you have a lifelike appearance that matches surrounding tooth structure and matches the teeth structure of your newly treated one. Our team can use the material for cosmetic concerns, or to address tooth decay!

Improving Cosmetic Concerns

In a dental bonding procedure, our team will gently numb the tooth and then etch the surfaces. We prepare the bonding material and then apply it in several layers. As the material is cured beneath a light, we will sculpt and mold the tooth to ensure proper balance and a more lifelike appearance. The material is of course shaded to blend with your tooth. The bonding procedure can allow us to mask permanent teeth stains, close embarrassing gaps between the teeth, and reshape malformed teeth. Our team can repair cracked, broken, or worn-down tooth structure, and also address issues with the balance of your smile too. The entire process only takes one visit, and we can help transform the overall beauty of your teeth in that time.

Dental Fillings

Our team can also use the procedure to treat a cavity. As with a bonding procedure, we will first numb the tooth to keep you comfortable as we remove any decay and then clean the tooth thoroughly. Our team prepares and applies the composite resin material in several layers, again shaping the tooth as the composite resin cures beneath a special light. We polish the tooth, which not only keeps it bright, but also helps limit the ability for plaque and tartar to adhere to the surfaces. In one visit, we prevent your cavity from becoming an infection that causes more severe discomfort and risks the loss of your tooth. With composite resin, we can do so with a lifelike appearance.

Dental Crowns

What if you have damage or decay too severe to be addressed with composite resin? Well, our team can employ lifelike crowns made from metal-free porcelain, which again is shaded to blend with the smile. Metal-free and saw for all ages, this can restore the smile to optimal health, functional, and beauty, often in only one visit. We’re dedicated to the concept of metal-free dentistry, taking a holistic approach to ensure long-lasting results and a natural appearance, without the complications of metal fillings and crowns that arise over time

If you have cosmetic concerns with the shape and color of your teeth, or an aching tooth that needs immediate attention, then contact our team today. We’re proud to offer metal-free dentistry so your results are natural looking and holistic, using biocompatible materials that bond with the teeth and stay in place for years to come.

Do You Have Questions About Restoring Your Smile?

We would like to help you improve the beauty of your smile in only one visit with advanced and natural looking materials, so you can smile with confidence and enjoy optimal oral health again. To learn more about how we restore smiles in only one visit with durable, metal-free, and biocompatible composite resin, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI by calling 248-693-6213.

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